Thursday, December 13, 2018



VIDEO: ‘Soul-destroying’ battle with cancer treatment

Connor was finishing up his masters degree, planning a move to Singapore for an internship when he was told he had six weeks to live.

Building consents on hold because sewerage system at capacity

Two projects expecting to cost more than $2.1 million is underway by the city council to address ongoing capacity issues.

Councillors clash over dangerous intersection upgrades.

City councillors are in battle over what Harewood Rd intersection needs to be upgraded first.

Prebbleton cat Kylo on the mend after slug gun wound

More than $700 has been raised to help with Prebbleton cat Kylo's veterinary bills after he was shot with a slug gun.

Watch: Battle to save leg after Kylo the cat shot

“We now know, post-surgery, the bullet went into the front of his shoulder, so somebody was taking a kill shot."

Travel: Coastal Pacific post-quake

It’s a milestone month for the Coastal Pacific, running from Christchurch to Picton, with the scenic passenger train officially reinstated on December 1, two years on since the devastating Kaikoura earthquake.