Monday, December 10, 2018


Get set to celebrate

City2Surf prepares for 45-year anniversary

Richmond residents unenthused by latest survey on the suburb

Richmond residents are uncertain a survey aiming to gather information on what is needed in the suburb will make any difference to the area.

No plans to reroute heavy vehicles travelling down Breezes Rd

A city councillor may have a fight on his hands to stop heavy trucks on Breezes Rd.

Close to getting his tricycle

The donations reached $12,300 last Friday. They need $16,500 to buy the trike.

No word on who will pay to finish road

The district council won't say if ratepayers are having to pick up the tab for roadworks in Masefield Drive, Rolleston.

Mall to get $10,000 upgrade

A mural, floral plantings and markets are on the cards for the Bishopdale Village Mall.