Thursday, May 23, 2019


Pets, pies and cellphones – police look to crack down

If you eat, drink or use your phone behind the wheel, chances are you’ll see flashing lights.

Police say bullying is a matter for schools

Parents have been calling police over incidents involving name calling at schools.

Well-known businessman to make bid for city council table

A well-known businessman is making a bid to oust three-term city councillor Glenn Livingstone.

Overcrowding problems at new combined campus

The combined campus was opened at the beginning of term two and has had a few teething problems.

Jake Bailey’s cycle marathon

If Jake Bailey was given his cancer diagnosis 25 years ago, he believes he would have been left to die.

Resident says midges have decreased

Midge numbers have decreased by 36 per cent around the Bromley oxidation ponds. A long-suffering resident says midges are gone from her property.