Thursday, June 27, 2019


Denton Park campaigner to challenge for Hornby seat

A key figure behind the successful campaign to save Denton Park has confirmed he will be standing to represent Hornby at the city council table.

Latham: ‘I’ll rock the boat’

Darrell Latham is making no apologies for “rocking the council’s boat” and has promised to continue to do so if elected as a city councillor.

Bullets hit Riko; spate of cat shootings

A two-year-old cat has lost its eye after being shot at with a rifle - adding to a spate of cat shootings in the Prebbleton area in recent years.

Gang membership grows alongside organised crime

There are nearly 500 patched gang members and gang prospects who belong to some of the world’s most notorious outlaw gangs living in Canterbury.

A challenger has stepped forward to take on Cr Vicki Buck to represent the Riccarton Ward.

Central city living may get cheaper

If you purchase a home in the central city, you may get a rates reduction.