Friday, July 19, 2019


‘Wonderful cooks’ retire from community volunteer group

Community cooks retire after one last lunch.

Criticism erupts over decision not to start roading project early

“A similar sort of project anywhere else in the city seems to sort of go through with consummate ease.”

New Brighton Rd repairs to start soon

The $1.2 million repair of a damaged stretch of New Brighton Rd is set to begin in October and be finished by March next year.

Our People: New Brighton’s ‘bright little shop’

There is never a heater on in Pauline Turner's little florist shop in New Brighton. But there is a whole lot of warmth coming out of it. 

Video: Gargoyles, bricks and mortar, putting ‘the church’ back in Church...

Its been rumoured that the gargoyles peering down from St Peter's Church are the old vicars.

Flu claims five more victims in hospitals

Five more patients in Canterbury hospitals have died from complications of the flu.

Highlanders send Christchurch supporter a present after theft

Jim McLachlan is no longer an angry Scotsman.

Vicki Buck’s exit prompts bid for council seat

A former local body politician will run for city council, a decision prompted by Cr Buck’s announcement to depart from politics at the end of the term.

Bid to put brakes on Avondale boy racers

Residents want the brakes put on boy racers but city council says there isn't a problem in the area.

Godwits sculpture to fly high

An artwork paying tribute to the bar-tailed godwits could be installed in South New Brighton.