Thursday, July 19, 2018



Watch: The big job behind removing Lancaster Park’s roof

VIDEO: Geoff Sloan Bit by bit Lancaster Park Stadium is coming down. The Tui stand has been demolished and now contractors are ready to tackle the...

Team named after former All Black Tane Norton off NZ rugby...

Don't expect the Linwood Norton's under-11 rugby team to take a backwards step.

Wheel Blacks coach teaches kids

The coach of the NZ wheelchair rugby team popped into Ilam School to teach kids how to play the sport.

Musician makes national choir

A Christchurch student has taken her musical success international, travelling to Asia with the New Zealand Secondary Students’ Choir.

Genitalia, ‘pedo van free candy’ tagged on residents’ vehicles

A vehicle was tagged with the phrase, 'drugs?' while another had 'pedo van free candy?'

Christchurch’s third Ice Cream Charlie dies, aged 94

Christchurch's third Ice Cream Charlie has passed away aged 94.