Sunday, February 18, 2018


Arteon – Volkswagen’s flagship car for NZ

Described as a fastback grand tourer, the Arteon also sits squarely in the luxury car class

Mystery surrounds value of council art collection

The city council has more than 160 artworks, including prints, photos, illustrations, paintings, and sculptures, which are either on display in its Civic Offices, other facilities or in storage.

Elderly tricked, van stolen and used to burgle house

Ina Livingston, 89, felt something was not right when she was persuaded to handed over the keys to her daughter and son-in-law's campervan.

CDHB spending ‘appropriate’

The Canterbury District Health Board has been cleared of any wrong doing in an internal audit of board and executive expenses.

Dumped on Valentine’s Day at a suburban park

These puppies were dumped on Valentine's Day at a suburban park.

Watch: School prefect annoucement? Do this

Got to make an announcement on who the head students are this year? Do this.