Monday, October 22, 2018


New marine communication tower for Lyttelton

Maritime communications in Lyttelton Harbour is set to improve when a new tower is installed in Park Terrace Reserve.

The face behind People of New Zealand

Artist Sam Moore is the brains behind the viral cartoon sensation People of New Zealand. The series documents beloved Kiwi stereotypes such as Office Jan, Hilux Surf Drew and his most recent Street Shuffle Les.

“Munted” footbridge returning to Avon riverside

An important landmark from Avonside and Richmond is on its way back as a commemorative structure.

Is St Albans disappearing?

Due to the introduction of post codes and business naming changes, the suburb is being taken over by others such as Edgeware and Mairehau – and residents want it to stop.

Redwood man cycles 1500km for prostate cancer

"Sometimes blokes, if I can be blunt, need to be passing blood before they actually see a doctor. They think it's going to get better and it doesn't."

Coast to Coast for Crohn’s battler

Cameron Young has had Crohn's Disease, an inflammotary bowel disease for the past 25 years. To raise awareness, he is taking part in next year's Coast to Coast. He spoke to reporter Anan Zaki.