Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Under-fire councillor lodges code of conduct complaints against council staff

A city councillor had a code of conduct complaint lodged against him. Now he is filing is own against city council staff members.

SPCA: ‘We have had a lot more dog beatings’

“We have had a lot more dog beatings. We have had two prosecutions in the last year for dog beatings and possibly more to come.”

Kicked off a community Facebook page, so he made bumper stickers

The bumper stickers have appeared on the back of cars, on children’s school bags and even on community food shelf.

Council boss undecided on whether she will reapply

City council chief Karleen Edwards remains undecided as to whether she will reapply for her job.

Weinstein factor leads to sexual assault complaints in Canterbury

The highly publicised Harvey Weinstein case appears to have had an impact on the number of sexual assaults reported in Canterbury.

Student rocket launch ends in blaze

A secret record-breaking rocket launch attempt by Canterbury University students has ended with a grass fire.