Monday, April 22, 2019



Hot pools name debate underway

Should New Brighton be in the name for the hot salt water pools? Or should it be Christchurch hot pools?

Authorities investigate bus tech to integrate with traffic signals

New technology is being investigated to improve the reliability of the city’s bus network.

Video: Supporting children after terror attack lock down

Thousands of students were in lockdown for four hours during a terror attack on March 15. Community organisations, funded under the Government's post-earthquake Mana Ake support programme, assisted schools by helping students and families in the following weeks.  

Schools combine for orchestral extravaganza

About 120 students performed to a crowd of more than 150 in the Christ’s College auditorium for the annual event.

Public to get voice in EQC inquiry

Christchurch residents are being encouraged to have their say as a public inquiry into EQC progresses.

Video: Canterbury’s para cyclists tackle the Port Hills

There are about 15 para cyclists in Canterbury and CTV headed along with a group as they tackled part of the Port Hills for the first time.