Thursday, July 19, 2018


Council’s crackdown on basketball hoops after Auckland incident

Have a backboard is an automatic fail for a council-installed basketball hoop.

KidsFest parade: Disco, food trucks and pimp your pram

You might get to stay up past your bedtime on Saturday night — the big KidsFest parade, the More FM Mata Riki, is on.

More than 100 decaying and dying trees to be removed

Dead and decaying pine trees along the edges of the estuary will be cut down.

Intersection blocked on Main North Rd after crash

A busy intersection on Main North Rd was partially blocked after a crash.

Rugby: Semi-finals a repeat affair

Lincoln and Sydenham will meet in the semi-finals of the Hawkins Trophy.

Photos: Southbridge Shield heads north

A 21-point haul saw the Ellesmere lose the shield to their northern counterparts