Thursday, April 25, 2019



NZ’s sexual trauma story: ‘We have failed to protect our children’

Why did 10 sit down and tell their harrowing story of sexual abuse to our cameras? Because they all thought they were the only one. But they want others to know that they are not alone.

‘Hold on to what they are, not what the abuse makes...

Fiona knew there was good in her husband Paul. But she had to endure years of his anger and verbal bashings, as he tried to deal with being sexually violated as a boy. 

Raped by a woman: They ask ‘why didn’t I like it’

Josh's remembers yelling over and over for her to stop. But she didn't. He has to deal with people asking 'how a 6 foot 3 guy could be raped' or 'why I didn't like it'. 

A 50 year secret: ‘He ripped all my innocence away’

John was a young teenager excited he could bike into town on a Friday evening on his own. But while he was at the bank, a 'friendly and well-spoken' man asked him for directions. By the end of the evening, John's innocence was 'ripped away'.

Russian with firearms sent email to school

An email written by a former Russian solider who died of suspected suicide during a police stand-off was sent to a school, it can be revealed.

Alleged mosque gunman: ‘I’m one of nine’

Police feared there could have been several terrorists in the city on March 15