Friday, May 25, 2018


Nel seeks opportunity in Otago

The man voted the best player in club rugby last year is making a move to Otago due to a surplus of talent in Canterbury at loose forward.

Christchurch scammer: ‘He has a death wish’

Gang experts says a phone scammer claiming to have gang connections and threatening innocent people for money has a "death wish".

Birthday boy back in top club rugby – he’s 49

Robbie Timo celebrated his 49th birthday on Saturday by turning back the clock – playing top level club rugby.

Petrol prices: Blame it on Trump

United States president Donald Trump is being blamed for the record high price in the city's petrol.

Wendy’s cut union members hours

A Christchurch Wendy's worker who campaigned against the fast food giant doesn't know how she'll survive after her hours have been cut.

Petrol price woes: ‘Look, it’s on empty. It’s on E a...

Weekends away, nights out, vegetables and meat - the pinch at the pump is causing Christchurch residents to tighten their budgets and make sacrifices.