Sunday, February 25, 2018


Campervan-friendly car park trial in central city

A campervan-friendly car park is being trialled in the central city to encourage tourists to come into the city.

The cost of the earthquakes

What will the earthquakes cost the city council?

Northcote Rd drivers heavily ticketed

A speed camera on Northcote Rd dished out more than two-thirds of the speeding tickets in Canterbury on New Year’s Day.

Traces of E.coli found in water

The city council has treated drinking water with chlorine after traces of E.coli was discovered.

Leading by example in sport

As a five-year-old Kiwi kid living in Aberystwyth, Wales, Julyan Falloon remembers his first sporting experience because of the pouring rain and the “giant” opposition.

Big Read: Brutal, bizarre murder of Renee Duckmanton and the lies...

It was the sheep's tongue beside the smouldering corpse that baffled most. Flaccid, grotesque bluish gristle, it seemed so out of place yet somehow so inexplicably linked.

Feb 22, 2011: Seven years on