Sunday, March 25, 2018


Our People: Dancing in the country

Tara Marshall 32, of Springfield has been helping young dancers in Malvern achieve their full potential for the past seven years. She spoke to Georgia O'Connor-Harding about her career and her new studio she recently opened in Darfield.

Selwyn bus route axed

Low patronage numbers has ended a bus trial in West Melton and Darfield.

New use for former Skellerup site

A scrap metal company has started operating out of the former Skellerup site in Woolston.

Orbiter patronage in decline

A steady decline in patronage on the Orbiter has been attributed to a regenerating central city.

Watch: Elected member to resign if city council doesn’t prioritise funding...

A community board chairwoman has threatened to resign, if the rebuild of a community centre is not included in the city council's long term funding plans.

Watch: Christchurch’s pole dancing queen

Oliva Andersen was recently crowned Miss Pole Dance New Zealand. The sport has seen a massive growth in popularity since she took up pole seven years ago. We sent Gordo down to catch up with our national champion and see if he could master the craft.