Wednesday, February 21, 2018


By-election after chairwoman resigns

A community board chairwoman has resigned with a by-election to be held to find her replacement.

Bring your pooch: Openair cinema for Rauora Park

Rauora Park will be transformed into an openair cinema during next month, with blockbuster movies showing, including a bit blast from the past.

Cyclone Gita: Light-hearted Kiwis aim to blow cyclone offshore

At 6pm today, more than 2000 Kiwis have committed to stepping outside and "blowing west at Cyclone Gita to disperse it".

Township’s Four Square to be redeveloped

You've probably been into this Four Square on you way through this Canterbury township - now it is set to be redeveloped.

Watch: Work boots from 1800’s found under Sydenham Church

The work boots, which appear to be from the Victorian age, were actually under the church for a very, albeit, spooky, reason.

Our People: From cricket grounds around the world to Selwyn developments

Former international left hand batsman turned teacher, John Fulton Reid, 61, now works for the district council overseeing its major capital expenditure projects.