Monday, December 18, 2017


Most common Christmas related injuries for children

Tis a time for cheer - and injuries.

Vaping sends fire crews racing to pub

Governors Bay Hotel owner Jeremy Dyer now vapes outside after his e-cigarette sparked two fire callouts over the past few weeks.

The multi-million dollar job of maintaining the red zone

Mowing, weeding, land clearance, security, rates and rubbish removal - how much does it all cost?

A bid to solve Canterbury University parking issues has been delayed

A decision has been made to delay public consultation on restrictions to help solve Canterbury University parking issues.

Bubbles, picnics and polo come to Hagley Park

The pounding of hooves and the thwack of a polo ball will return to South Hagley Park in January for the first time in more than two decades.

Dalziel: I thought there would have been a CTV Building prosecution

'Perhaps attention should turn to the prosecution decision itself – who makes the call and what are the appropriate guidelines?'