Saturday, September 22, 2018


Questions raised on location for city’s new stadium

It's in the wrong place and looks like a "performing arts centre that will occasionally hold some sport".

Coffins mourn ‘creative city’

Miniature coffins mourning the loss of creativity have been anonymously sent to influential figures around the city.

The Quake Kids: ‘These children are biologically different’

About 70 per cent of Christchurch children have PTSD symptoms. Assaults on school staff has more than doubled. Schools are under immense pressure as they struggle to help and cope with The Quake Kids.

Rush satisfied with 19th on world stage

Rolleston's triathlete Reece Rush thinks he knows what it's like to be a pile of washing during a cold wash.

SPCA shut-up shop over cat abuse investigation

SPCA Canterbury is refusing to provide any further information on the cat abuse investigation involving teenagers.

The top secret plant in the Botanic Gardens

The location of a plant in the Botanic Gardens is top secret to avoid theft.