Friday, January 18, 2019


Stalling claim denied by ECan

Residents at Diana Isaac Retirement Village in Mairehau say Environment Canterbury could be deliberately delaying their decision on a new bus route to cater to them.

Riccarton residents call on council to close off their street

Residents want their street's access to Riccarton Rd blocked in a bid to stop shortcuts.

Our People: Crazy Hedgehog Lady to the rescue

Crazy Hedgehog Lady Kirsha Wood has rescued more than one hundred hedgehogs, including one which was used as a football by children in Victoria Park.

Call to thwart drivers taking short cuts

Residents wanted the city council to stop cars from going through their streets to reach Christchurch's recently opened sports facility.

Watch: 81-year-old Barry Gardiner not slowing down

In the sporting realm there’s not much that Barry Gardiner hasn’t done.

Christchurch on its way to becoming chlorine free

The data shows average water use to date is well below the summer averages for 2016 and 2017.