Sunday, April 30, 2017

Selwyn’s Court Theatre youth ambassadors

The Court Theatre’s youth ambassadors have been announced for the year with students from two Selwyn high schools chosen.

Chch strongest in country for theatre since quake

A former National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art student will stage three major shows at the Isaac Theatre Royal this year.

Unlocking the secrets of Tasmania

Docking in Hobart on a cruise ship is not just a sweetly scenic affair, but a stunningly effortless way to immerse yourself in the heart of the city.

Inside Word

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Global luxury brand Michael Kors has announced the launch of smartwatches and activity trackers. These super-stylish watches come with dazzling AMOLED (active-matrix organic...

For the Love of Fashion

With Superette’s 15th birthday celebration this month, Victoria Tait speaks with part-owner and founder Rickie Dee about the inspiration for the store and what...

The Modern Caveman Episode 4 – Pharmaceuticals

In our modern society, going to the doctor for anything from arthritis to flu most commonly results in a prescription. Are the tendency to over-prescribed the real problem? Or is there a more intrinsic cultural and social habit?

Watch: Annabel Langbein at the Christchurch Food Show

We went to the Christchurch Food Show this Friday and we had the chance to talk with the lovely Annabel Langbein about food, her passions and about her new release 'Essential'.

The Modern Caveman Episode 5 – The Gluten Free Fad

Our bodies are not designed to cope with the high quantity of gluten that is contained in processed modern food. But what is gluten and are the gluten free alternatives really healthier?

The Modern Caveman Episode 3 – How to burn Fat

The weight-loss industry has taught us to base our diets on calories restriction and calories counting. Thousands of studies have proven how these kinds of diets are ineffective especially in the long term, and in this episode of The Modern Caveman we find out why.

Mitsubishi gives ASX a fresh face

The ASX joins a fresh range of product at the Mitsubishi stable

The Modern Caveman Episode 2 – Sweeteners: It’s all Fake

Processed foods contain a high number of chemicals that replace natural nutrients, and sugar substitutes, such as the very common aspartame, are highly damaging for our bodies.

The Modern Caveman Episode 1- Going back to Basics for your...

Dr Carl Bramlet from the Alpha Omega Clinic in Merivale takes us on a journey to discover why our bodies need healthy and simple food to operate at their best, and why the Paleo Diet is the solution, not just one of the latest trends in nutrition.

VW Passat sticks to proven formula

On paper, there’s a certain similarity with the mainstream cars which are coming out of Germany.

Lawrence of Arabia

Ever since Hollywood rocked into the desert to film Peter O’Toole’s 1962 epic, Lawrence of Arabia, the movie industry’s love-affair with the landscape has endured.

Rhythm & Alps: Tash Sultana set to headline

Australian Tash Sultana is the first headline act announced for Rhythm & Alps.

Review: The big pink bus rolls in the fun

The big pink bus has finally arrived, rolling in bedazzling costumes, big personalities and some of the best talent the city has to offer. Fabulous.

Searching for Santa in Lapland

You Travel company director Melissa Landrebe visited a town named Luosto in Finish Lapland. She writes about the highlights of her stay.

Jason Gunn ambassador for health foundation

Following a heart attack earlier this year it was an easy choice for Jason Gunn and his family to get involved in a foundation focused on raising money for Christchurch Hospital.

Actor gets married, takes on drag queen role

After taking on one of the leading roles in Showbiz Christchurch's Priscilla Queen of the Desert, actor Isaac Pawson has had a new insight into the lifestyle of drag queens.

Tackle off-road tracks in a Land Cruiser 70

Toyota's Land Cruiser 70 has upped the ante in terms of safety, but it's ability off-road hasn't been compromised