Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Booming population leads to new school

Belfast's population will double by 2041, prompting investigation into establishing a new school.

Pressure builds to add 50m pool

Fears that the new QE II Recreation and Sport Centre will not meet the demands of the community are increasing pressure to add a 50m pool to the facility.

Ten year battle over unsealed school road

Hororata Primary School will be expected to cover the cost of the roading frontage outside its school.

Volunteers not used for library due to expected union response

Weekend opening hours won't be extended at Sumner library after a city council report rejected the idea of using volunteers.

Museum experts turns attention to small museum with rare finds

Okains Bay museum now has an expert at its helm.

Could you skate this?

A new skate park has drawn a flood of complaints, further delaying its opening.