Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Questions raised on location for city’s new stadium

It's in the wrong place and looks like a "performing arts centre that will occasionally hold some sport".

Passion takes music teacher to the top

Chisnallwood's Judith Bell has been named a finalist in the first ever Music Teacher of the Year award.

Memories of 2017 to motivate Hillmorton HS basketball team

South Island 'A' basketball champions Hillmorton High School have unfinished national business to attend to.

Ratepayer money spent on meth testing

The bill for ratepayers cleaning up meth contamination has been revealed.

Council eases fears over aquifers

The city council has moved to ease fears that a groundwater aquifer has been damaged in Avonhead.

Walking into museum through nebula

Chritschurch artist Hannah Beehre is hard at work creating a nebula from velvet, crystals and LED lights.