Sunday, March 18, 2018

GIG GUIDE : Thursday 15 March 2018 to Wednesday 21 March 2018

A ROLLING STONE: Thursday – Karaoke. Friday 5pm – Carlin Rasta; 10.30pm – DJ. Saturday St Patrick’s Day from 12.30pm – Used Notes; Keven Scott; Banjaxed. Tuesday 7pm – Open Mic. Wednesday – Trad Session.
BAILIES BAR: Saturday St Patrick’s Day 1pm – Adam; 4pm – The Prophet.
BARETTA: Friday 7pm – Live music; 10.30pm – DJ. Saturday 9pm – DJ Double Header.
BILL’S BAR: Thursday – Mickey Rat Karaoke. Friday 7pm – AMPT duo. Sunday 6pm – Mickey Rat Karaoke.
BLACK HORSE HOTEL: Saturday St Patrick’s Day 9am – Shameless Two.
BLUE SMOKE, WOOLSTON TANNERY: Thursday 8pm – Candice Milner; Emma Cameron; Matty Smith; Michael Morris, tickets $15 at UTR. Saturday 10am – Autumn Market Day with special guests Amiria & Oakley Grenell, free. Sunday 4pm – Sunday Sit Down Sessions feat. Mark Mazengarb & friends (USA), free.
CARLTON: Thursday 9pm – Ting Tong. Friday 10pm – Ctrl Alt Rock. Saturday 10.30pm – Flat City Brotherhood. Sunday 5pm – James Hart. Monday 6.30pm – Quiz with Regan & Susie. Tuesday 8pm – Comedy. Wednesday 8.30pm – D’Sendantz duo.
CASA PUBLICA: Friday 5.30pm – DJ; 8.30pm – DJ. Saturday 9pm – DJ.
CASHMERE CLUB: Sunday Sessions 3pm – Jeff Bradley & the Southern Jazzmen.
CELTIC ARMS INN: Saturday St Patrick’s Day – Ants.
COASTERS TAVERN: Friday 8pm – Six Left Standing.
CHRISTCHURCH FOLK MUSIC CLUB, IRISH SOCIETY HALL: Sunday 7pm – Joël Fafard ‘Fowl Moods’ CD Tour, $15 members/$20 non.
DARKROOM: Friday – Bonaparte (SWI); Big Flip The Massive. Friday – Fostercare: Kamandi. Saturday – Gripper; Sawdust; Nervous Jerk. Tuesday & Wednesday 7pm – Comedy from Tim Batt & Guy Montgomery.
DUX CENTRAL: Friday 5pm – Get Set; 9.30pm – Big Rig. Saturday 2pm – Matty Smith; 9.30pm – Aleon. Sunday 2pm – Jazz Sessions.
EMPIRE: Thursday 9pm – DJ. Friday, Saturday 10pm – DJ.
ENGINEERS: Saturday 4pm – St Patrick’s Day Roof Party.
FAT EDDIES: Thursday 5pm – Lil’ Chuck the One Man Skiffle Machine; 7.30pm – Joe McCallum; 10pm – Swing City Six. Friday 5pm – King Tubbs; 7.30pm – Sam Gauntlett Quartet; 11pm – Uptown Shakedown. Saturday 7.30pm – Brad Kang Quartet; 11pm – Sarena & the Pocketchange. Sunday 3pm – Hamish Smith Duo; 6.30pm – Zak Williams Quartet.
PREBBLETON: Friday 8pm – Traditional Session. Saturday St Patrick’s Day 2pm – Boiling Billy; 5pm – Traditional Session; 8pm – Misfitz. Sunday 2pm – Guinness Pouring Champs.
FOX & FERRET, RICCARTON: Friday 9pm – Fake Muse. Saturday 9.15pm – D’Sendantz.
GBC, MARSHLAND RD: Saturday 6pm – Vintage Blue.
HAGLEY NORTH PARK: Saturday 10am – Christchurch Holi-Festival of Colours, tickets at revelevants.
HORNBY WMC: Friday 7pm – Robbie ‘Mc’ Drew. Saturday St Patrick’s Day – Norm Bland followed by Boru.
HORNCASTLE ARENA: Monday 7pm – Limpbizkit with (hed) P.E. Tickets @ticketek.
ISAAC THEATRE ROYAL: Friday 7.30pm – Tosca. Tuesday 8pm – Rado & Raybon Save the World. Wednesday 7.30pm – The Pinao:The Ballet. Tickets @ticketek.
LYTTELTON RECORDS: Friday 8pm – Darryl Baser; Last Chance Dogs; VTMNK, tickets $10. Saturday 9pm – Dillastrate plus friends feat. Moses, tickets $10.
MACKENZIES HOTEL: Friday – Unhinged.
MAK TAVERN: Friday – Picking at the Remnants. Saturday – Mammoth. Sunday – The Elevators.
MICKY FINNS: Friday 10pm – Pump. Saturday St Patrick’s Day 7pm – Keenan’s Revenge; 10pm – The Elevators.
MONO NIGHTS: Thursday 8pm – Ladi6 & Parks Soundsystem (DJ Set), free.
NEW BRIGHTON CLUB: Saturday 3pm – St Patrick’s Day with DJ Kronik.
OAK n FERRY, WOOLSTON: Friday – Mammoth. Saturday St Patrick’s Day 5.30pm – The Wickermen.
OPAWA BOWL & JACK: Saturday 7pm – Radio Mecca.
PAPANUI FLAME BAR: Sunday 9pm – Girl from Mars.
PIERSIDE CAFE & BAR: Friday – Karaoke with DJ Dude. Saturday St Patrick’s Day 9pm – The Atarmies.
PROTOCOL: Friday 8.30pm – Lino.
RICHMOND WMC: Friday 7pm – Anthony. Sunday 3pm – Stevie D.
ROSE AND THISTLE, PAPANUI: Friday 8.30pm – DJ. Saturday 9pm – Misfitz.
SMASH PALACE: Saturday 5pm – St Patrick’s Day Shindig feat. Davey Backyard; Mammy’s Boys.
SPRIG & FERN, MERIVALE: Saturday 7.30pm – DJ Hazy n Lazy. Sunday – Alice Tanner.
STOCK XCHANGE, SHIRLEY: Friday 7pm – Antix. Saturday 7pm – Unhinged.
SULLIVANS IRISH PUB: Thursday – Stephen McDaid. Friday – Topia. Saturday St Paddy’s Day 12.30pm – The Shameless Two; 4pm – The Shameless Few; 8.30pm – Dateless n Desperate CelticRockBand. Wednesday – Willie’s Open Mic.
TAVERN HAREWOOD. BISHOPDALE: Friday 8.30pm – Andy & Stephen. Saturday 9.15pm – Absolut.
TEMPS HORNBY: Friday 8.30pm- Misftiz. Saturday 8.30pm – No Secrets. Wednesday 7pm – Mickey Rat Karaoke.
THAI CHEFS, RICCARTON: Thursday to Wednesday 9pm – Resident DJ & Karaoke.
THE BOG IRISH BAR: Thursday 10pm – The Ferris Blarney Band. Friday St Practice Day 4pm – Davey Backyard; 7pm – The Corks; 11pm – Ferris Blarney Band. Saturday St Patrick’s Day 9am – Black Velvet Acoustic; 12.30pm – The Jamesons; 3.30pm – Ferris Blarney Band; 7.30pm – Wolverines; 11pm – The Corks. Sunday Recovery Party 3.30pm – Black Velvet Acoustic; 7pm – Stoutfellows. Tuesday 7pm – The Jamesons Session. Wednesday 8pm – Karaoke.
THE BOWER: Saturday 4pm – Riff Raff.
THE CRAIC IRISH BAR, RICCARTON: Friday 9pm – St Patrick’s Day Warm Up feat. Willie McArthur. Saturday St Patrick’s Day 1pm – Eddie Simon; 4.30pm – Keenans Revenge; 9pm – The Shameless Few.
THE CUBAN: Thursday 6.30pm – Live music. Friday – Live music. Saturday 8pm – Nick Lee.
THE FAMOUS GROUSE, LINCOLN: Saturday 9.15pm – Imaginary Friends.
THE MILLER BAR, ADDINGTON: Thursday 7pm – Rock n Roll. Friday 9pm – Reckless Duo. Saturday St Patrick’s Day 3pm – Flat City Brotherhood; 9.30pm – Don’t Tell Mama. Wednesday 8pm – Karaoke with Lance Kiwi.
THE PAPANUI, SAWYERS ARMS RD: Friday 7pm – Co-Op. Saturday 7pm – Natalie Elms.
THE TURF BAR: Saturday St Patrick’s Day 3pm – Two of Six plus Six Left Standing.
THE WAVE BAR, NEW BRIGHTON: Thursday 8.30pm – Karaoke. Friday 8.30pm – DJ. Saturday 8.30pm – Live music.
TRENCHES, CHCH RSA: Friday 6.30pm – Elizabeth Braggins. Sunday 5.30pm – Janice Gray with Bob Heinz & Mike Kime.
TREVINOS BAR, RICCARTON: Friday 5pm – Nyree.
WINNIE BAGOES CITY: Saturday 10pm – Pitch Black; Pylonz; Soulware; Ill Figz, tix @ cosmic.
WOOLSTON CLUB: Saturday St Patrick’s Day 7.30pm – Set in Stone.
WUNDERBAR LYTTELTON: Saturday 8.30pm – The Setterlers ‘Steps’ EP Release Party with guests Uglyside; Jay Roacher & MC AERIES; RyeChi; Snow Duckets (SNIFF); The Caffeinated Collective, $10 entry. Tuesday 7pm – Open Mic & Showcase Artist, free.