Sunday, March 18, 2018

OPINION: Reporting council issues made easier by phone app

Dallington resident Patrick Boland talks about city council's 'Snap Send and Solve' app and when it has and has not been effective for getting problems solved within the community.

Letters: Bus services ‘essential’

Readers respond to Environment Canterbury's proposal to cut some bus routes in the city.

OPINION: Why should you care about the Long Term Plan?

Consultation on the city council's Long Term Plan opens on Friday. Heathcote ward city councillor Sara Templeton explains what the LTP is and why you should care.

OPINION: Where to next for city’s bus network?

Port Hills MP Ruth Dyson wants people to have their say on the city's public transport system.

Wagner: Time to pause and reflect

'Everyone on this journey has faced testing times. Losing somebody we have known and loved, and many of us are without places that were close to our hearts and so many things that we were attached to.'

MP takes on Coast to Coast

A Christchurch MP is running the Kathmandu Coast to Coast to highlight the barriers some young people experience when chasing their sporting dreams.

Megan Woods: ‘Clear way forward’ for Cathedral

Like most Cantabrians, the sight of the badly damaged Cathedral sitting empty in our square for the last nearly seven years has been a symbol for me of the slow recovery in our city.

Opinion: Adapt to coastal hazard information

The updated 2017 Coastal Hazards Assessment Report has made climate change and coastal hazards a hot topic of conversation, writes Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board member, Darrell Latham

Big fire risk in Antarctica

In the last 10 years, fires at the Russian and Brazilian bases at Antarctica have cost three lives.

Surf report: Water is warm but waves are flat

Principal instructor at Sumner’s Learn to Surf school Aaron Lock says in his regular column for Bay Harbour News that while the water temperatures has jumped up, the waves are not playing ball.

Living with ‘extra electricity’ in the brain

I was first diagnosed with epilepsy at 19.At a 1983 Youth Easter Camp I had a seizure, where I blacked out and was taken to hospital with concussion and a suspected broken nose, writes a city councilllor.

Opinion: Quarry frustrations akin to ‘Caesar fiddling while Rome burns’

'The city council and Environment Canterbury’s lack of action is akin to “Caesar fiddling while Rome burns.”

Dalziel: More work needed to attract people to inner city living

Mayor Lianne Dalziel gives her thoughts on research looking into whether Christchurch people like living in higher density housing in the inner-suburban areas.

Opinion: Duncan Webb’s first days at the Beehive

Fresh Christchurch Central MP Duncan Webb may be busy finding his way around his new office in Wellington but the former lawyer has big plans for his electorate. He shares them with Nor'West News.

Bike brake impaled on cyclist hand

Spreydon’s fire crew had the unpleasant job of removing a bicycle brake handle from a bike last Tuesday.

Your views: The battle to display booze causes controversy

Readers are divided on whether or not New World Bishopdale should be able to display beer and wine at the ends of the aisles.

Opinion: Build the roads and the traffic will come

Papanui city councillor and avid cyclist Mike Davidson writes about the major issue afflicting his ward - traffic - and some alternatives to driving during Biketober.

OPINION: Port company should do the right thing for ferry users

Diamond Harbour resident and Banks Peninsula Community Board Mt Herbert representative Felix Dawson uses the ferry service regularly. He's unhappy with proposed changes that would prohibit car drop-offs at the terminal and reduce bus parking space.

OPINION: Intersection stoush

Readers respond to the article about a stoush between Papanui-Innes Community Board member John Stringer and city councillor Aaron Keown over the importance of upgrades to the Gardiners, Breens and Harewood Rds intersection.

Opinion: A St Albans mother’s traffic worry

St Albans resident and mother Rachel Donaldson writes about the danger traffic in the suburb is putting children in.