Monday, August 19, 2019

Letters: Should the fireworks leave New Brighton?

Readers respond to an article on whether the New Brighton fireworks should be moved.

Opinion: Put Razor’s hat in the ring for All Blacks coach

OPINION: Scott Robertson is being talked about as a strong candidate to be the All Blacks next next coach, but there's every reason he should succeed Steve Hanson.

Opinion: No point shaking fist at quarries once established

A district councillor says 'shaking your fist and cursing the workers once the quarry is operating will be pointless'.

Opinion; Committee protects environment

Opinion: Selwyn Waihora Zone Committee chairman Allen Lim writes about the its commitment to protect and enhance biodiversity in the zone.

Wagner: Let’s encourage the growth of Canterbury

OPINION: One benefit of being in Opposition is that you have more time to spend out in the community.

OPINION: Northern Corridor traffic issues need to be sorted

OPINION: Don Gould talks about the changes to Cranford St and surrounding areas following the completion of the Christchurch Northern Corridor.

Opinion: Selwyn more affordable for first home buyers

Selwyn MP Amy Adam writes about how the area is more afforable for first home buyers.

Letters: Controversial Cathedral Square pavillions a ‘monstrosity’

Readers respond to an article in The Star on the proposed new look for Cathedral Square.

Opinion: Dalziel on the controversial $1.24m touch wall

Yes it comes with a price tag, and yes you had a right to know, writes Mayor Lianne Dalziel

Opinion: Weekend’s rally spectator’s paradise

Waking up severely hungover at 6am on Saturday morning I had to contemplate wether the near two hour drive to Fairlie on easily the coldest morning of the year was worth the payoff of watching some rally cars.

OPINION: Learning quake lessons

Mayor Lianne Dalziel explains why the earthquake symposium will be held.

Opinion: Labour’s ‘broken promises’

With the delivery of Labour’s much anticipated Budget last month, we saw many broken promises by the Ardern-Peters’ Government.

Opinion: Redcliffs Park sacrificed for no good reason

Redcliffs Park was to be sacrificed for no good reason in this game of political football, write Chris Doudney.

OPINION: Concern over flood and tsunami risk at Redcliffs Park unfounded

Everything that makes Redcliffs Park a great site for a park, also makes it a great site for a school, writes board of trustees chairman Darren Fidler.

OPINION: Celebrating Iranian New Year

OPINION: Zahra Hussaini is an active part of the refugee and migrant community. In this article she talks about recent Iranian New Year celebrations

OPINION: Use red zone land for Richmond Hill walkway

A walkway on red zone land beside Richmond Hill Rd would be the best way to improve pedestrian safety, says a resident.

Dalziel: ECan doesn’t need to slash bus routes

Mayor Lianne Dalziel says ECan does not need to slash bus routes if it puts into place the city council's suggestions.

OPINION: Reporting council issues made easier by phone app

Dallington resident Patrick Boland talks about city council's 'Snap Send and Solve' app and when it has and has not been effective for getting problems solved within the community.

Letters: Bus services ‘essential’

Readers respond to Environment Canterbury's proposal to cut some bus routes in the city.

OPINION: Why should you care about the Long Term Plan?

Consultation on the city council's Long Term Plan opens on Friday. Heathcote ward city councillor Sara Templeton explains what the LTP is and why you should care.