Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dalziel: More work needed to attract people to inner city living

Mayor Lianne Dalziel gives her thoughts on research looking into whether Christchurch people like living in higher density housing in the inner-suburban areas.

Opinion: Duncan Webb’s first days at the Beehive

Fresh Christchurch Central MP Duncan Webb may be busy finding his way around his new office in Wellington but the former lawyer has big plans for his electorate. He shares them with Nor'West News.

Bike brake impaled on cyclist hand

Spreydon’s fire crew had the unpleasant job of removing a bicycle brake handle from a bike last Tuesday.

Your views: The battle to display booze causes controversy

Readers are divided on whether or not New World Bishopdale should be able to display beer and wine at the ends of the aisles.

Opinion: Build the roads and the traffic will come

Papanui city councillor and avid cyclist Mike Davidson writes about the major issue afflicting his ward - traffic - and some alternatives to driving during Biketober.

OPINION: Port company should do the right thing for ferry users

Diamond Harbour resident and Banks Peninsula Community Board Mt Herbert representative Felix Dawson uses the ferry service regularly. He's unhappy with proposed changes that would prohibit car drop-offs at the terminal and reduce bus parking space.

OPINION: Intersection stoush

Readers respond to the article about a stoush between Papanui-Innes Community Board member John Stringer and city councillor Aaron Keown over the importance of upgrades to the Gardiners, Breens and Harewood Rds intersection.

Opinion: A St Albans mother’s traffic worry

St Albans resident and mother Rachel Donaldson writes about the danger traffic in the suburb is putting children in.

Dalziel: Election entrails and learning from our mistakes

Do we need an inquiry into EQC and the insurance industry? Absolutely we do. So let’s not make it partisan. Let’s agree to some terms of reference and get on with it, writes Mayor Lianne Dalziel.

OPINION: Paper Plus Merivale says goodbye

Paper Plus Merivale owner Simon Grant writes a goodbye to the loyal customers that have supported the business over the last 23 years as the store closed its doors for the last time.

Your views: Fendalton street ‘resident access’ only

Readers respond to an article about a proposal by Fendalton residents to make Rochdale St ‘residents only’.

Your views: Disgust over townhouse development

Readers respond to last week's story about a townhouse deverlopment on Spreydon's Bolton Ave, just metres away form Kim Mehlopt's home of 15 years.

Opinion: Working New Zealanders better under National

Every working New Zealander will be at least $1350 on average better off thanks to National’s tax cuts that come in to effect early next year.

Opinion: What happens when I door-knock for Labour

I’m scared of dogs. I only mention this because you come across plenty of them when door-knocking.

Volunteers help students achieve outside school

Darfield High School principal James Morris writes about the role of parents and organisations in the school’s sporting, cultural and academic activities:

OPINION: Harewood intersection not local priority

Businessman and Papanui-Innes Community Board member John Stringer writes about a pair of busy Harewood intersections.

Student’s Big Sing experience

Villa Maria College cultural captain Lucy Sutcliffe writes about Con Brio choir’s experience at the Big Sing Finale in August

Your views: Traffic congestion at Colombo St and Edgeware Rd

Readers of the Nor’West News respond to the article regarding traffic congestion at the intersection of Colombo St and Edgeware Rd.

OPINION: Print still sharp for these youngsters

Students at Te Waka Unua school love their printed dictionaries, writes Rotary Club member Barbara Crooks.

Opinion: Travel with the Mayor to Japan, China

Mayor Sam Broughton writes about the growth of multiculturalism in Selwyn, and invites residents to help him represent the district in Japan and China next year