Saturday, January 19, 2019

Stalling claim denied by ECan

Residents at Diana Isaac Retirement Village in Mairehau say Environment Canterbury could be deliberately delaying their decision on a new bus route to cater to them.

Riccarton residents call on council to close off their street

Residents want their street's access to Riccarton Rd blocked in a bid to stop shortcuts.

QEII’s million dollar loos

A bid will be made next week to scuttle plans for a $1 million toilet block and changing room at Queen Elizabeth II Park.

Call to thwart drivers taking short cuts

Residents wanted the city council to stop cars from going through their streets to reach Christchurch's recently opened sports facility.

Watch: 81-year-old Barry Gardiner not slowing down

In the sporting realm there’s not much that Barry Gardiner hasn’t done.

Christchurch on its way to becoming chlorine free

The data shows average water use to date is well below the summer averages for 2016 and 2017.

Fake cow gets council mooving in Bishopdale

A Bishopdale menswear store’s humorous approach to showing how long the grass is outside the shop has kicked the city council into action.

Fendalton gets more attention – Hornby residents

"If it was in Fendalton, my goodness they would pay attention to it real quick."

Watch: Take a glimpse inside Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A350-900

Singapore Airlines' newest aircraft has touched down in the city in a South Island first.

Volunteer and Highland dancer receive honours

A woman with thousands of hours of volunteering under her belt and a woman with a passion for Highland dancing have received honours.

Long-time Avon Rowing Club member dies

The Avon Rowing Club community is mourning the death of one of its longest-serving members.

The Christchurch pool complex with the most ‘code browns’ for 2018

It is a dubious honour, but the Christchurch pool complex with the most incidences of the dreaded 'code brown' has been revealed.

City council fails to get liquor store’s appeal thrown out

The city council's bid to have parts of a controverial liquor store application appeal thrown out has failed.

Code of conduct complaints over council staff allegations near resolution

Under fire David East and three community board members appear to be close to resolving their conflict with the city council over District Plan flooding issues.

Worst intersections for red light-runners revealed

The city’s worst intersection for red light-running saw more than 850 motorists do just that in one day alone.

Sell Christchurch’s water idea falls flat with city councillors

Controversial city councillor Aaron Keown's colleagues have accused him of electioneering over his water plan.

The unexpected rise of a country cricket team

Two years ago they struggled to put together a team. But the tide has turned.

Drone may have been used to spy on teenagers at pool

A low-flying drone may have been used to spy on teenage girls.

Fire chief awarded Queens Service Medal

He's been fighting fires for more than 30 years and has received a QSM for his efforts.

Teen chased across domain after break in

A teenager believed to be living rough has been caught after a break-in at a netball centre.