Saturday, April 20, 2019

Authorities investigate bus tech to integrate with traffic signals

New technology is being investigated to improve the reliability of the city’s bus network.

Video: Supporting children after terror attack lock down

Thousands of students were in lockdown for four hours during a terror attack on March 15. Community organisations, funded under the Government's post-earthquake Mana Ake support programme, assisted schools by helping students and families in the following weeks.  

Schools combine for orchestral extravaganza

About 120 students performed to a crowd of more than 150 in the Christ’s College auditorium for the annual event.

Public to get voice in EQC inquiry

Christchurch residents are being encouraged to have their say as a public inquiry into EQC progresses.

Eight-cinema complex could open at Wigram Skies

Canterbury Property Investments Ltd has made a resource consent application to open a multi-cinema at 90 The Runway at The Landing.

Successful barbershop run out of garage

Luke Koia recently finished first at The Battle for Barber City national haircutting and beard trimming championships. He runs a salon out of his garage in Aranui.

Traffic problems to remain at Burnside intersection

There appears to be no solution in sight to traffic congestion at a busy intersection.

Fast-growing brass band marks five year anniversary

It was over a beer at a busy social pub in Woolston that Bill Vail and his friend Adrian decided the north-west of the city needed its own brass band.

Video: Leaving North Parade: ‘the spirit comes with us’

It has been a long journey from North Parade, Shirley to Travis Rd, North New Brighton for Shirley Boys' High School.

League ground booze ban closer

A booze ban on the sidelines at rugby league games this season is a step closer.

CBD businesses behind pre-quake levels

There is still a long way to go before the number of businesses in the central city reaches pre-quake levels.

Terrorist attack unlikely to hit economy in long-term

Christchurch businesses have been impacted by the terrorist attack, but experts say it is unlikely to hit the city’s economy long-term.

Video: New Brighton hot pools, a game changer for the suburb?

It is really happening. After 20 years of waiting, the hot pools in New Brighton are under construction.

Travel: Tombstone

Where the old town is your real-deal warts and all experience.

Prince William to visit Christchurch next month

Prince William will visit Christchurch next month to honour the victims of the terror attack.

Video: The volunteer crew helping the victims

They've been going on adrenaline since Friday with little sleep, but they keep going, delivering food and essentials to the victims and the families of the Christchurch terror attack.

Video: Free counselling for Canterbury

More than 30 counsellors and clinical psychologist, including some from Australia, are on hand to help with free counselling for Cantabrians. The Charity Hospital offered the same services after the earthquakes and thousands were helped. 

Video: ‘We love our people, we are one’

'We are citizens of this country and we love our people. We are one.'

Video: National battle of marching teams

On a suburban netball court in Christchurch, band music is pumping and whistles are blaring.