Tuesday, March 19, 2019

SPCA: ‘We have had a lot more dog beatings’

“We have had a lot more dog beatings. We have had two prosecutions in the last year for dog beatings and possibly more to come.”

Kicked off a community Facebook page, so he made bumper stickers

The bumper stickers have appeared on the back of cars, on children’s school bags and even on community food shelf.

Council boss undecided on whether she will reapply

City council chief Karleen Edwards remains undecided as to whether she will reapply for her job.

Weinstein factor leads to sexual assault complaints in Canterbury

The highly publicised Harvey Weinstein case appears to have had an impact on the number of sexual assaults reported in Canterbury.

Student rocket launch ends in blaze

A secret record-breaking rocket launch attempt by Canterbury University students has ended with a grass fire.

Policy to address the way we wheel to work

Lime scooters have taken the city by storm. But they could soon be a thing of the past, making way for new modes like hoverboards, ogos (a hands-free wheelchair), segways, e-unicycles, velomobiles and two-seater pod cars.

Video: Canterbury teen Para athlete Montana Brown’s rise to record-breaking success

Canterbury para-athlete Montana Brown, 15, was named the most promising athlete at the Halberg Games 2018. CTV caught up with the Cashmere High School student to find out more about the determined young teen. 

Brownlee’s chairman bid for council

Gerry Brownlee’s electorate chairman is standing for the city council.

Obscene graffiti problem at Margaret Mahy Family Playground

Phallic-shaped marks remain on the Margaret Mahy Family Playground in spite of an attempt to get rid of them.

Shootout forces cops to carry firearms

All frontline police in Christchurch are carrying firearms in the aftermath of Tuesday night’s suburban shootout.

Video: Hadleigh Pierson, the man behind Canterbury’s para athletes

He's competed at two Paralympics, now Parafed's Hadleigh Pierson is making sure more Canterbury athletes hit the national and international stage. 

Video: The ute travelling the country with the names of those...

The youngest name written on Waata Keating's ute is a 12-year-old girl.

Video: ‘They told me to bugger off’ the story behind Christchurch’s...

Richard Peebles can take the hits. He was told to 'bugger off three times' before convincing the Government to sell him the land to build his $80m Riverside development on.

Vandals hit controversial apartment complex

A contentious apartment build site has been targeted by vandals.

‘Extremely rare’ plants stolen

A Prebbleton nursery has been stripped of up to $10,000 worth of plants after a break in.

Gangs using ‘honey-trapping’

Gangs are using women to target unsuspecting men who are then being beaten and robbed.

Bark and long grass sparks fire concerns at Hornby parks

Hornby resident Ross Houliston is calling for action to reduce fire risks at Denton and Kyle Parks.

Resident’s group ‘a bunch of petrol heads’

A row has broken out over noise issues at Ruapuna Speedway.

Key player in saving Denton Park considers running in elections

A Horby resident who was integral in stopping Denton Park being turned into a mega facility may put his name forward in the local body election.

Safety upgrade for city’s fourth most dangerous intersection

The city’s fourth most dangerous junction could become a T intersection in a bid to reduce the number of crashes.