Monday, November 20, 2017

Rebuild leader and The Arts Centre chief executive resigns

The Arts Centre chief executive Andre Lovatt has resigned to take up a role with Auckland Airport.

City council to tackle pesky midges

The city council is gearing up to try to reduce the number of pesky midges ahead of the summer months.

Rebate idea for NGOs wanting to build

A scheme to help not for profit organisations pay for building consents is being investigated.

Traffic signal saga continues

The battle to get traffic lights at the corner of Breens, Harewood and Gardiners Rd continues.

Ratepayers fork out $50k for Rochdale St funeral home saga

Calls have been made for the city council's consenting and enforcement unit to have its own budget after the Rochdale St funeral home saga cost more than $50,000.

Authorities meet about water supply after Port Hills fire

The city's water supply network was the topic of discussion between authorities after February's Port Hills fire.

My Kitchen Rules villains – ‘We’re not that bad’

"Christchurch has been through a lot. We are Cantabrians and are very loyal. To cook well and make Christchurch proud is a very big thing for us."

Motorists urged to stop at poorly visable intersection in Tai Tapu

Police have monitored a busy intersection in Tai Tapu as a result of complaints about its poor visibility.

Happy birthday, Traiteur

If you mention the name Traiteur in Merivale, everyone knows what you're talking about.

Successful playwright directing new repertory theatre show

Nataliya Oryshchuk may have set up her own successful theatre company in the city and had her original plays recognised internationally.

Lyttelton skate park gets $375k upgrade

The wheels are in motion for the redevelopment of the Lyttelton skate park in the Oxford St Reserve.

Sumner surfers feature in a new book

Sumner village, Sumner surfers and local surfing breaks feature in a new coffee table book by photographer Warren Hawke.

Board goes against council boss recommendation

Council boss said the residents concerns about road safety could be 'sufficiently addressed' without having them on a working party - the community board disagreed.

Our People: Helping those left behind from the CTV tragedy

Peter Brown retired two months before the CTV Building collapsed in the February 22, 2011, earthquake, killing 16 of his former colleagues. Bridget Rutherford spoke to him about waiting for a prosecution, the moment he saw the damaged building, and helping the survivors and victims’ families.

NZ’s best speller goes back to where it all began

The country’s top speller headed back to her former classroom to let Selwyn House pupils in on her secret to success.

Dalziel: More work needed to attract people to inner city living

Mayor Lianne Dalziel gives her thoughts on research looking into whether Christchurch people like living in higher density housing in the inner-suburban areas.

Community shed planned for Heathcote

A new community shed planned for Heathcote could go on the former library site on Martindales Rd.

Water races closures ‘death by a thousand cuts’

District councillor Debra Hasson has raised concerns closing water races in Malvern will affect farming long-term.

Complaint against West Melton coach dropped

A complaint about a West Melton rugby coach who grabbed a young Lincoln rugby player after an altercation on the field has been dropped.

Water restrictions unlikely due to high rainfall

High rainfall during the winter means the district council is in a good condition to meet increased water demand in the summer.