Sunday, November 19, 2017


Rising seas to push up insurance premiums on coastal properties

A shift towards evaluating properties for individual climate-change risk may mean insurance premiums will rise on coastal properties.

Vacant space getting snapped up by investors in New Brighton Mall

Businesses are snapping up the last of the vacant spots at New Brighton Mall in preparation for the area’s upcoming development.

Tensions raised as doors shut on library

Upper Riccarton War Memorial Library chairperson Aynslie Walter is angry after the city council shut the building.

‘They expect hey, just move your house’

Building a new boundary fence or moving a Spreydon woman's house have been suggested to mitigate the impact of five two-storey townhouses being built nextdoor.

No dog park for East Frame

The East Frame is not considered the best location for a dog park to cater for those living in the central city.

Watch: The South Frame’s laneways entice businesses back to the CBD

So what is the South Frame all about? There are some great spots starting to pop up and more to come along the Anchor Project's laneways.

Council’s cheaper car park prices ruffle feathers

The city council-owned Lichfield St Car Park will be more than a dollar cheaper each hour than parking in privately operated buildings.

Iconic but fragile New Brighton whale to be cloned

The iconic New Brighton whale will be cloned in order to fit in with the new seaside playground.

Watch: Convention Centre passes first milestone

The first concrete pour for the foundation of the new Christchurch Convention Centre took place in the weekend. It is the first of fourteen more big pours over the next six months.

Council’s public art collection grows to $13.7 million

The value of the city’s outdoor public art has increased to $13.7 million, compared to $5.9 million when it was last assessed eight years ago.