Sunday, February 24, 2019
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Neighbourhood hero helps nab burglar

Every neighbourhood needs a guy like Don Dalrymple.

Video: Megan doesn’t want to know how long she has left,...

Megan Mckay kept a secret from her dying mother. She too, didn't know how long she had left.

Long-time bird carer looking for replacement

Jackie Stevenson has been caring for injured birds for 20 years and she is now ready to find someone to take her place.

Teenage taggers caught by police

Youths that went on a tagging spree throughout Halswell have police calling for residents to come forward if their properties or vehicles have been vandalised.

The ‘many faces’ of Linwood

Alasdair Wright is combining his 55-year love affair cameras and photography with his love for the area he lives in.

Repairs begin on pothole covered car park

Coupland's bakery has begun repairs on their area of the pothole-ridden Hawke St car park after a long wait.

Businesses band together to get direct access to their properties

Businesses have banded together in a bid to get back direct access to their properties on Main South Rd.

Concerns grow over estuary trees

Residents nearby say they're concerned about safety risks the remaining trees will pose in the future.

Tenders sought to fix clock tower

Almost a year on and repairs on the New Brighton clock tower are yet to begin.

Our People: From refugee to helping settle refugees in Christchurch

Ahmed Tani feared every moment during his 5 month walk through war-torn Somalia with no food or money as he sought safety in Ethiopia. He now works tirelessly to help other refugees in Canterbury.