Sunday, April 21, 2019



Watch: Bus, bike or car – the race to work

In a race to get to work on time, which is most efficient - bike, car or bus? We tested our post-earthquake transport network and fair to say it had some surprising results.

Doctors under pressure from ‘challenging’ winter

You may face a wait to see a doctor as they gear up for a 'challenging winter'.

Watch: HopeWalk for suicide awareness and prevention

More than 500 people will gather in Hagley Park on Saturday to try and break the stigma and silence around suicide.

$24m on the line over delayed surgery

Strikes and rebuild work mean patients have been left waiting for surgery - and the health board could be fined $24m unless it catches up by the end of this month

Havelock North gastro findings analysed by city council

The city council is using the Government inquiry into the Havelock North water gastro outbreak to make sure the same mistakes are not made in Christchurch.

Treatment could speed breast cancer recovery

A study has found up to 251 Christchurch women could benefit from a new breast cancer treatment

Watch: App to encourage ditching the car

The Fab Lab staff are working on an app to encourage Cantabrians to bike, bus and walk to work.

Akaroa wastewater could be recycled

Five options for the future of wastewater disposal have been presented to the community to provide feedback on.

East Christchurch youths ‘high risk’ for mental health issues

A report has shown east Christchurch youths are more likely to have self-harmed, suffered anxiety, depression and bullying.

Half of people with hip and knee problems denied specialist appointments

"Kiwis who would benefit from surgery are suffering unnecessarily, and we've talked to hundreds of health professionals who are devastated they can't do more."