Thursday, June 20, 2019


Smoking at Christchurch beaches, outdoor dining could be stubbed out

Smoking bans on Christchurch beaches is being looked at by the city council.

About 200 ‘sleeping rough’ in city

About 200 people are "sleeping rough" in Christchurch at any one time. That’s what a street count done by city council staff has found, as part the development of a proposal to help alleviate the city’s homeless problem.

Are you okay? My battle with depression, anxiety, anorexia

My head was turning into a ground of torment and torture - a critic of every move, word, thought - but a smile was still shared with the outside world.

Wastewater overflow causes warning at Sumner beach

People visiting Sumner beach are being advised to stay out of the water due to a wastewater overflow.

Ann Brower: The only survivor of 13 – from a...

At 12:51 on 22 February 2011, 12 people died beside me. The parapet and facade of an unreinforced masonry building on the main street of Christchurch, New Zealand, crushed the bus that I was riding. I'm the only one left, the lucky 13.

Hospital car parking: Shuttle trial extended

A shuttle trail aiming to solve parking problems for Christchurch Hospital nurses has been extended

Is white bread toast?

Lincoln University researchers say the days of the white slice may be over, as more consumers buy grain loaves or avoid bread completely

What city council facility is the worst for ‘code browns’

Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centre has had the most pool closures for faecal incidents since January, while Jellie Park might be the safest bet.

Asbestos find delays dredging

Dredging silt and liquefaction from the Woolston Cut has been delayed slightly after asbestos was found in samples.

Hospital staff warned over mobile data use

An audit of Canterbury District Health Board staff mobile phones found 40 per cent of their work data use was not work-related.