Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Activists lock themselves in Central Plains Water pipes

Greenpeace activitists have locked themselves irrigation pipes, stopping work on the Central Plains Water irrigation scheme.

Blow for QEII fitness trail

An appeal to save the community-built QE II Park fitness trail has failed, but campaigners are vowing not to give up.

Watch: Will this become the biggest ball of plastic bags?

Could this big ball of plastic bags become the biggest in the world?

Tiles still not repaired

After a pensioner took to the footpaths with spray paint to show what areas were dangerous, the city council promised to fix them. She is still waiting.

Another quarry for Templeton?

A city council property in Templeton could either be used by a gun, archery or paintball club or become another quarry.

Proposed marine bylaw change

City council owned jetties and marinas in Banks Peninsula will fall under a new bylaw - if it is approved.

Hundreds of birds found dead in cemetery

Mystery surrounds hundreds of birds found dead at a cemetery. But authorities will not be investigating what caused the birds to die.

Key stage in Flockton flood plan complete

Residents in the Flockton area will sleep easier next time they hear rain on the roof.

Izzy and Lucy’s mission: Plastic bags out

Two Sumner School pupils want to stop plastic bags being used in supermarkets - they are encouraging others to get on board with their project.

Security guards outside council after threats

Two security guards were stationed outside council chambers.