Saturday, April 27, 2019
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Bund to protect homes vulnerable to tidal flooding

A bund will be built to protect properties vulnerable to tidal flooding in Southshore and South New Brighton.

Fendalton water back to pre-quake volumes

After eight years and $2.5 million Fendalton residents will have their water back to pre-quake levels.

Working group to look at future of Scott Park

A working group looking at the layout and future development of Scott Park in Mt Pleasant will meet next Wednesday, after concerns were raised about public access to the foreshore.

Better management sought for gullies in Diamond Harbour

Morgans Gully and Sams Gully could be included in the Diamond Harbour Reserve Management Committee brief.

Asbestos find delays dredging

Dredging silt and liquefaction from the Woolston Cut has been delayed slightly after asbestos was found in samples.

Coastal hazards report being finalised

City councillors are expected to receive an updated report on coastal hazards next month.

Southshore decisions delayed

The decision regarding Southshore Floodplain Management Short Term Plan has been pushed back to October 10.

Environment Canterbury chairman resigns

Environment Canterbury’s chairman David Bedford has resigned due to ill health.

Unleashed dogs a risk for Port Hills sheep

Dogs must now be kept on a leash in the Port Hills as lambing season gets under way.

Hubs for hiring electric cars on the way

Three hubs around the city mean the public will be able to hire electric cars.