Sunday, February 24, 2019


Community board asked MOE to reconsider zoning

The board has written to the Minister of Education calling for him to reconsider the zoning and the consultation process with communities.

Moves to lower chlorine level

The amount of chlorine in the water is being lowered in an attempt to address taste and smell issues.

Council buys land off resource consent objectors

Neighbours to the St Albans Community Centre site who objected the resource consent for its rebuild have sold their property to the city council.

Red light camera returns to nab motorists

The city is about to get a camera to catch red light runners - the first since the 1990s.

Isaac Theatre Royal asks for $2 million loan write-off

The Isaac Theatre Royal says it would struggle to pay back a $2 million loan it took from the city council four years ago because of upcoming expenses.

Watch: Denton Park battle likened to NZ land wars

The Save Denton Park group has likened their battle to stop the city council building a multi million dollar recreation centre to the 'Maori Land Wars'

City council U-turns on muzzling dogs in homes

The city council has done a U-turn on the requirement of owners to muzzle ‘menacing’ dogs in their own homes.

Fixing city’s drinking water comes with multi-million dollar price tag

The city's water is being chlorinated due to well head problems - now the cost of making the improvements has been revealed.

Watch: 18 months of roadworks on Riccarton Rd

One of the city's busiest thoroughfares is about to have 18 months worth of roadworks - but it is work that cannot be put off.

Date set for water chlorination

The city council has set a date for the temporary water chlorination.