Sunday, April 21, 2019


Rebuild rumbles on

Plans for a $15 million central city art museum, a hospitality outlet in Lyttelton and a new name for the Convention Centre were all revealed yesterday.

Denton Park supporters want to work with council

Hornby advocates have pledged to work with the city council to find a new site for a multi-million dollar community facility in the suburb.

Clock tower repairs to start this week

Repairs on New Brighton's historic clock tower will start this week.

Board members dog park bid gets laugh from councillors

A comment made by Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board member Aaron Campbell during LTP submissions and was met with laughs from both the mayor and city councillors.

Cohen joins calls to rethink East Lake decision

An Olympic gold medal winning rower has joined the call for Regenerate Christchurch to reconsider scrapping the East Lake proposal saying it would be a community asset.

Proposal for Lyttelton Harbour Equine Hub

A submission on the city council's Long Term Plan 2018-28 could see the establishment of a Lyttelton Harbour Equine Hub.

Plan to make Palmers Rd safer

A crash-prone road in New Brighton will be narrowed to make it safer.

Sell bangers to fund stadium – Dalziel’s former campaigner

Aaron Campbell says ratepayers shouldn’t fork out hundreds of millions of dollars for a stadium.

City council to test deep-bore drilling

A new method for disposing of Akaroa’s treated wastewater is being tested.

Group says current Moncks Bay pathway is “risky”

The group behind the Coastal Pathway wants funding to build the expensive final section through Moncks Bay to be included in the Long Term Plan. And they're citing safety as a prime reason.