Friday, November 16, 2018


District council’s key LTP decisions not set in stone

The district council held its Long Term Plan deliberations last week and has made the following decisions on key projects in the area. However, the decisions won't be finalised until the district council formally adopts the plan later in the month.

Watch: Tui Stand set to be bowled down

Work is under way on the demolition of the Tui stand at the southern end Lancaster Park Stadium.

Surface flooding on some Christchurch roads

Drivers are being urged to take extreme care on the roads this morning as heavy overnight rain has caused surface flooding in some areas.

Debate over Russley parking

The Airport Business Park has waded into the debate over Inland Revenue staff parking.

Snow likely on Port Hills, Banks Peninsula

A wintry storm could bring bitterly cold wind gusts, sleety showers and snow to parts of the Port Hills in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Call for separated cycleway on Dyers Rd

Cyclists are calling for the New Zealand Transport Agency to redress its decision of not adding a separated cycleway along Dyers Rd when it undertook a $3.2 million project of widening the road last year.

Questions hang in air over pollution on Cranford St

The Papanui-Innes Community Board have written to Environment Canterbury regarding questions about air quality for Cranford St

New pipes in place to pump out waste

Construction of Halswell and Westmorland’s new wastewater scheme has been completed.

Lizard sanctuary in Ferrymead

Lizards should feel right at home in a new sanctuary within Ferrymead Park.

Plea for co-ordinated fix at Cass Bay

Damaged footpaths, missing steps and broken benches are putting people off using the Cass Bay playground, the committee tasked with its management believes.