Saturday, May 25, 2019


Chlorination to be gone by May

If we can upgrade those wells as planned, we should have enough unchlorinated water to supply the city over the winter months.

Christchurch on its way to becoming chlorine free

The data shows average water use to date is well below the summer averages for 2016 and 2017.

City council busts water myths

A wet start to summer in Christchurch has seen the Council’s online Water Dial spend a number of consecutive days in the “green zone”.

The importance of conserving water over the summer

The average Christchurch resident is currently using about 220 litres of water a day. What does this mean for the Council’s wellhead upgrade programme?

Room for improvement at LU Garden Party

If the police were to write a report card about the student Garden Party at Lincoln University it would say in the comments “still room for improvement”.

Save water or face more chlorination

Chlorination may resume over summer unless residents reduce the amount of water they use.

Ratepayers fork out for community board to solve its differences

Ratepayers had to fork out for an independent facilitator to resolve disputes within a community board.

Springfield resident’s bid for water race assistance

The district council will investigate a Springfield resident's suggestions to re-engineer the water race on his property to prevent further flooding.

ECan saves big bucks turning down the heating

While the majority of the city is oggling at the increase in their power bills over winter, Environment Canterbury is doing all it can to get it down.

Watch: ‘Voluntary’ smoke-free footpaths ‘draconian’

Cafe and bars can opt to ban smoking on footpaths outside their establishments - but is this going too far?