Thursday, November 23, 2017


Double take: What is wrong with this?

Eagled-eyed residents have found something a bit perplexing about some of the city's pedestrian crossing instructions.

Cemetery for quake victims won’t be renamed

A push to have Avonhead Park Cemetery renamed to reflect its significance as the final resting place of earthquake victims has come to a halt.

Watch: Whitebait school project a finalist in national river awards

The story of Christchurch pupils wanting to improve īnaka/whitebait conditions in the Heathcote and Avon rivers is a River Story Award 2017 finalist.

Watch: $75m budget blowout sees anchor project plans scrapped

A $75m budget blowout on an anchor project has seen the new Minister for Greater Christchurch Regeneration scrap plans and head back to the drawing board.

Rebate idea for NGOs wanting to build

A scheme to help not for profit organisations pay for building consents is being investigated.

Traffic signal saga continues

The battle to get traffic lights at the corner of Breens, Harewood and Gardiners Rd continues.

Ratepayers fork out $50k for Rochdale St funeral home saga

Calls have been made for the city council's consenting and enforcement unit to have its own budget after the Rochdale St funeral home saga cost more than $50,000.

Lyttelton skate park gets $375k upgrade

The wheels are in motion for the redevelopment of the Lyttelton skate park in the Oxford St Reserve.

Board goes against council boss recommendation

Council boss said the residents concerns about road safety could be 'sufficiently addressed' without having them on a working party - the community board disagreed.

Pressure goes on elected officials over noisy trucks

Wigram MP Megan Woods and Halswell Ward city councillor Anne Galloway had a meeting on Friday about truck issues on Lodestar Ave.