Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Support for first hour free car parking to be extended

Hundreds are calling for the first hour free car parking initiative to be extended.

Opinion: Cynical or just fed up with Super Rugby?

Is it a fair statement or have I just become cynical when I say that I truly believe there’s more legitimacy and intrigue in club rugby than Super Rugby?

Watch: See what the Red Zone might look like in the...

What might the Residential Red Zone look like a few years down the track? Red Zone Futures gives you an interactive look at Regenerate Christchurch's vision.

Rugby: The Crying Towel legacy

Rivals Linwood and Christchurch met at Linfield Park on Saturday for the 50th anniversary of the Crying Towel. We took a trip down memory lane with the original instigators to find out why the theft of Brent Elder's towel has gone onto become one of the biggest traditions in club rugby.

Watch: The Arts Centre supports NZ Music Month with lunchtime concerts

Instead of spending your luch hour sitting in the office tearoom, wouldn't you rather be listening to live music in the heart of the city?

Chef swaps five-star dining for charity

Before moving to Halswell, chef Stefan Freuding was living big, cooking at various five-star kitchens in Europe and the Middle East.

Liquorland deciding whether to appeal Phillipstown decision

An application to set up another liquor store in Phillipstown has been denied because the area is "vulnerable" and already badly affected by alcohol related harm.

Willie returns to QEII

One of the first lifeguards at the old QE II pool is returning to its replacement to run a club for swimmers aged over 50.

Review: Noodle house will heal your soul

The first sip of the satay noodle soup is like getting a big bosom hug from your grannie - it will make everything better.

Crave Christchurch: White House Black rebrands

Food and coffee operators for new central library are announced, a Halswell favourite rebrands, and get ready for the mini mulled wine festival.