Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Before selfies: Lancaster Park memories sought

Got a photo of the U2 concert at Lancaster Park back in the 1980s? Or of you and your mates watching cricket from the old grassed embankments or cheering on the Crusaders from the stands?

Watch: Mother of three found dead in bath

A mother of three with a "massive heart of gold" has died at a Bishopdale property.

Traffic delays after burst water main

Traffic is delayed on a busy Christchurch road due to a burst water main.

Drug addict got kids to help shoplift

His crime spree began in Christchurch, where he stole $300 of clothes and electrical items, jumping over the fences of neighbouring properties to avoid capture

Double take: What is wrong with this?

Eagled-eyed residents have found something a bit perplexing about some of the city's pedestrian crossing instructions.

Driest month in 140 years

Lincoln is on track to record its driest month in nearly 140 years.

Minister orders report on ‘too hard’ maths exam

Education Minister Chris Hipkins has ordered a full report on a maths exam which more than 30 maths teachers say was too hard.

Death in Bishopdale ‘unexplained’

A scene examination is underway after a woman was found dead at a Bishopdale property.

Four surf life saving trailers stolen within two weeks

The thefts have angered Surf Life Saving New Zealand, which says it won’t be able to replace them for the summer.

Papanui’s top students

Papanui High School celebrated its success and named Samantha Smith as dux at its senior prize-giving.