Monday, August 19, 2019


Travel: Bendigo

Rolling along the Midland Highway, an enduring beacon of creative excellence heralded my arrival into Bendigo.

Travel: Valley of the Giants

Climbing up the pegging ladder of the 58-metre-high Gloucester Tree, it’s not for the faint-hearted - you’ll have to scale 153 pegs to reach the top.

Travel: Albany coast

Four and half hours drive south of Perth, Albany has Anzac heritage braggability by the bucketload.

Travel: Invercargill’s ‘nuggety charm’

Beyond the ambitiously wide boulevards and time-worn architecture, Invercargill is a city of nuggety charm, dogged spirit and self-belief.

Travel: Fort Worth a ‘real-deal cowboy town’

The locals will tell it’s the cradle of the Old West.

Travel: St. Louis

It’s not the glitziest of Uncle Sam’s cities, but St. Louis famously prised open the American Western frontier.

Travel: Visiting Elvis

You could easily devote your entire time in Memphis walking in Elvis Presley’s footsteps, whether it be shopping at his clothier of choice, Lansky’s, or chomping down on fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches at Arcade Restaurant.

Travel: Route 66

rendezvous with Route 66 is as classic as it gets. Far from the madding crowd and those soulless six-lane interstate highways, it’s all about small-town main streets and quiet country byways on Route 66.

Travel: The business end

If you are yet to take a seat at the front of the plane, let us provide you with an insight into what you would expect if you were to opt for Business Class on Singapore Airlines’ A350

Travel: Disneyland resort

I must admit, I’m a kid at heart, and the chance to get a photo with Mickey Mouse inside his Toon Town House was eagerly taken.