Friday, September 21, 2018
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Battle of the Imprezas

Subaru’s high performance models are high on desire

Outback perfect for ski field roads

Subaru's four-wheel-drive system is not only a safety mechanism but it will take you places where there is limited grip

Crave Christchurch: Tattoos and art in Merivale

Merivale has a new addition, Lichfield Lanes is set to bring more eateries to the central city, and experience Christmas early this year.

The Bar Fly: Horse and Jockey

How hard is it to convince a punter to upgrade two pints to a three litre beer tower? Not hard all apparently.

No sign of Ford Ranger sales wilting

Even with a raft of new utes entering the market, the Ranger is still Kiwi buyers' preference

Big Holden SUV true to its name

Based on the Colorado ute platform, the Trailblazer is a popular sport utility vehicle

Spirited performance from Lexus sport utility vehicle

Turbocharged engine for luxury family wagon.

Travel: Redwoods Highway

Self-driving Highway 101 between San Francisco and Seattle serves up a rolling medley of diverse vistas and indelible experiences. But the chance to commune with California’s fabled old-growth redwoods, rules them all.

Review: 5th Street

Three words to describe the food. Oh dearie me.

Crave Christchurch: Miro opens in historic building

The Midland Club building comes back to life as a new restaurant opens, The Pun Battle comes to Christchurch and more details of a rooftop eatery and bar are revealed.