Friday, June 22, 2018
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Battle of the Imprezas

Subaru’s high performance models are high on desire

Outback perfect for ski field roads

Subaru's four-wheel-drive system is not only a safety mechanism but it will take you places where there is limited grip

Crave Christchurch: Tattoos and art in Merivale

Merivale has a new addition, Lichfield Lanes is set to bring more eateries to the central city, and experience Christmas early this year.

The Bar Fly: Horse and Jockey

How hard is it to convince a punter to upgrade two pints to a three litre beer tower? Not hard all apparently.

No sign of Ford Ranger sales wilting

Even with a raft of new utes entering the market, the Ranger is still Kiwi buyers' preference

Big Holden SUV true to its name

Based on the Colorado ute platform, the Trailblazer is a popular sport utility vehicle

Depth created from senior competition

Ellesmere rugby coach Alex Robertson says an even senior competition has created plenty of depth for the representative season.

Spirited performance from Lexus sport utility vehicle

Turbocharged engine for luxury family wagon.

Travel: Redwoods Highway

Self-driving Highway 101 between San Francisco and Seattle serves up a rolling medley of diverse vistas and indelible experiences. But the chance to commune with California’s fabled old-growth redwoods, rules them all.

Review: 5th Street

Three words to describe the food. Oh dearie me.