Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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NZ International Film Festival


NZIFF Trailer: Loveless

A stark and gripping tale of a divorcing couple caught in a missing-child procedural.

NZIFF Watch: Blue

A beautifully crafted wake-up call to the state of the earth’s oceans profiles inspiring individuals working to preserve and protect marine life.

NZIFF Trailer: Step

Step follows three irrepressible young women in an enlightened Baltimore school as they prepare for college – and rehearse for step dance glory.

NZIFF Trailer: Spookers

'Spookers' looks behind the curtain to show us the real lives of the frighteners at a infamous and hugely popular horror theme park.

NZIFF Trailer: My Year With Helen

Filmmaker Gaylene Preston casts a wry eye on proceedings as the United Nations chooses a new secretary general.

NZIFF Trailer: 100 Men

100 Men reflects on 40 years of gay history via a countdown of Kiwi filmmaker Paul Oremland’s most memorable shags.

NZIFF Trailer: 6 Days

Kiwi filmmaker Toa Fraser showcases his action chops on the world stage with this true-story hostage thriller set in 1980s London

NZIFF Trailer: No Ordinary Sheila

Writer and illustrator Sheila Natusch retraces a long life dedicated to sharing her understanding and love of New Zealand’s nature and history.