Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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New secret opium themed den and oyster bar

Jason Whitelaw has owned and worked in bars in the United Kingdom, and Australia. Now he is opening two new boutique bars on Victoria St.

Watch: Friday Night Food Trucks in full swing

The popular Friday Night Food Trucks is back in Cathedral Square, with live entertainment and food from all over the world.

The Modern Caveman Episode 4 – Pharmaceuticals

In our modern society, going to the doctor for anything from arthritis to flu most commonly results in a prescription. Are the tendency to over-prescribed the real problem? Or is there a more intrinsic cultural and social habit?

Watch: Annabel Langbein at the Christchurch Food Show

We went to the Christchurch Food Show this Friday and we had the chance to talk with the lovely Annabel Langbein about food, her passions and about her new release 'Essential'.

The Modern Caveman Episode 5 – The Gluten Free Fad

Our bodies are not designed to cope with the high quantity of gluten that is contained in processed modern food. But what is gluten and are the gluten free alternatives really healthier?

The Modern Caveman Episode 3 – How to burn Fat

The weight-loss industry has taught us to base our diets on calories restriction and calories counting. Thousands of studies have proven how these kinds of diets are ineffective especially in the long term, and in this episode of The Modern Caveman we find out why.

The Modern Caveman Episode 2 – Sweeteners: It’s all Fake

Processed foods contain a high number of chemicals that replace natural nutrients, and sugar substitutes, such as the very common aspartame, are highly damaging for our bodies.

The Modern Caveman Episode 1- Going back to Basics for your...

Dr Carl Bramlet from the Alpha Omega Clinic in Merivale takes us on a journey to discover why our bodies need healthy and simple food to operate at their best, and why the Paleo Diet is the solution, not just one of the latest trends in nutrition.

Jonny Schwass prepares for the Christchurch Food Show 2017

Jonny Schwass talks about his passion for fresh and local food, and cooks some delicious pork belly with yellow vegetables for us!

Fudge Cottage returning to Arts Centre

The tempting treats of the popular The Fudge Cottage will soon be returning to the Arts Centre.