Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Watch: Maori health provider gears up for this weekend’s City2Surf

Maori health service provider He Waka Tapu know how to get whanau moving. Once again they have entered a huge team into the City2Surf but they have really outdone themselves this year.

March fashion news

Bold moves by Liam The 2018 Pre-Fall Collection by Liam promises to embrace movement and celebrate collaboration. What that means for us is that we...

NCEA – what is it, does it work & where is...

Juliet Speedy reports on what the future of secondary school education might look like now that NCEA is under review.

Matching wine with food

Angela Barons provides a little taster for wine lovers, from the new to the not-so-new.

Trip connect with grandfather’s ‘Cycling Corp’ WW1 history

Imagine riding in the dark on the muddy, rutted roads of the Western Front on laden bikes, wearing full uniform and a gas mask. That...

A world more beautiful with LUSH

Some beauty brands are dedicated to improving the world around us. Style meets director of Lush Cosmetics Australasia, Peta Granger, to discuss what it means to look beyond sustainable practices.

A kitchen that works for you

Whether starting from scratch or renovating an existing space, there are some key design aspects that will take your kitchen to the next level.

Plastic, PLA, paper & steel straws – what is the real...

The small step of changing the type of drinking straw you use can have a substantial positive impact on the environment. Rubbish Whisperer's Helen Rupp demystifies the different types of straws available.

Home is where the art is

Anneke Bester lives and works in Dubai, yet her bronze figures still find their way home to Canterbury.

Foodie talk with Nadia Lim

Ahead of The Food Show's arrival in Christchurch early April, Style talks with celebrity chef Nadia Lim about some of life's best ingredients.