Thursday, January 18, 2018


Raeward Fresh seeks consent to open new store

Prebbleton could get a new Raeward Fresh - located just down the road from green grocer Healthy Harvest Fruit and Veges.

Council crackdown on companies stealing water

The district council is working to tighten up its processes to stop unregistered companies from stealing water.

Man taken to hospital after jet boat crash

Two men had a lucky escape after their jet boat flipped in the Rakaia River after a mechanical failure.

Lincoln Envirotown Trust looking for new chairperson

Selwyn-wide organisation Lincoln Envirotown Trust is on the hunt for a new trustee and chair for its organisation.

Authorities meet about water supply after Port Hills fire

The city's water supply network was the topic of discussion between authorities after February's Port Hills fire.

Motorists urged to stop at poorly visible intersection in Tai Tapu

Police have monitored a busy intersection in Tai Tapu as a result of complaints about its poor visibility.

Water races closures ‘death by a thousand cuts’

District councillor Debra Hasson has raised concerns closing water races in Malvern will affect farming long-term.

Water restrictions unlikely due to high rainfall

High rainfall during the winter means the district council is in a good condition to meet increased water demand in the summer.

Crack down on playground safety

Inspection numbers of playground equipment are set to increase in the district.

Ellesmere College head students announced

Ellesmere College has named its new leadership team for next year.