Saturday, November 18, 2017


Water races closures ‘death by a thousand cuts’

District councillor Debra Hasson has raised concerns closing water races in Malvern will affect farming long-term.

Water restrictions unlikely due to high rainfall

High rainfall during the winter means the district council is in a good condition to meet increased water demand in the summer.

Crack down on playground safety

Inspection numbers of playground equipment are set to increase in the district.

Ellesmere College head students announced

Ellesmere College has named its new leadership team for next year.

Road naming turns ‘into a farce’ at council

The district council's policy for naming new roads in Selwyn came under scrutiny last week.

Rolleston to get new indoor sports facility

Plans are in the pipeline for Foster Park to get a new sports facility.

Bid to bring free mental health services to Selwyn

Work is underway to set up a charitable trust provide free mental health services for youth in Selwyn.

Police get ready to crack down on drink driving

The anti drink-driving campaign for the district will begin later this month.

Top high school sporting talent recognised at prizegiving

Hockey, athletics and equestrian event wins are all reasons why Lincoln High School's Lucy Turner was crowned sportsperson of the year at the school awards.

Bright color fills skies in Rolleston

An explosion of colour could be seen across Rolleston skies in celebration of Guy Fawkes on Saturday.