Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Running in the genes for marathon teen

Long distance running is in Nina Ericson's blood and she showed it winning the junior section of the Hanmer Four Square Half Marathon recently.

Man seriously injured after tree crushes him

A man was airlifted to Christchurch Hospital after the tree he was cutting down fell on him near Kaikoura.

Diver dies near Kaikoura

Two good samaritans couldn't save a diver who died near Kaikoura on Sunday.

Rebuild for fuel stop

Motorists looking to fuel-up their vehicles in a small rural township will have to find somewhere else - the only fuel station is closing.

Kaikoura earthquake rebuild boss leaves

The Australian expert headhunted to oversee the $2 billion rebuild of earthquake-battered road and rail around Kaikoura is leaving the role just months into the job.

Rail tunnel cracked in two after quake

Repairs have started on an 'iconic' rail tunnel on the Kaikoura coast that was 'effectively' cracked in two due to November 14, 2016 earthquake.

Police to target winter sport after-match functions

After-match functions during the winter sports season will be targeted in a bid to curb drink driving and road trauma.

Kaikoura earthquake shake greater than Christchurch

Readings taken at the North Canterbury town of Waiau during the November event proved a new record for vertical ground acceleration, reaching 3g, or 30 times the force an airliner passenger feels at take-off.

Inland route to Kaikoura open

The inland route to Kaikoura has reopened after rain forced its closure on Thursday.

Earthquake damaged war memorials fixed by Anzac Day

Earthquake damaged war memorials in Waiau and Spotswood are expected to be fixed by Anzac Day.