Wednesday, September 19, 2018



Watch: Cathedral Square history: From steam trams, horse and cart and...

Cathedral Square is developing its own identity, says Historic Places chairman Mark Gerrard. He wants to see it left alone and the controversial pavilion proposal to be ditched.

Watch: Strike – Nurses seen as an ‘expense on health’

Nurses say they are always seen as an 'expense on health' but in reality they have been 'holding' up the health system for years. Geoff Sloan with this report.

MP Nicky Wagner apologises for calling a Labour MP a ‘bitch’

National MP Nicky Wagner says she should not have called a Labour MP a 'bitch' in Parliament.

Watch: $9m Wood’s Mill development opens its doors

Phase 1 of the $9 million Wood's Mill complex's grand opening was celebrated recently.

Watch: Dan Carter returns home and visits old primary school

Exclusive: Dan Carter was back at his old primary school on Thursday. Though he is a sporting superstar, back here he's just Dan, the boy who loved rugby.

Watch: ‘Weird’ sport sees Christchurch woman head to world champs

Klara Richter's friends call her sport 'weird'. But now she is off to the world champs.

Watch: Winter sees school double bread order to help out families

A Christchurch school has had to double its bread delivery from a charity, as winter begins to bite on families.

Watch: Concern over weed spraying in red zone

Members of a conservation group have concerns over the weed spraying of the residential red zone.