Thursday, November 15, 2018



Watch: Pre schoolers learn sign language alongside deaf teacher

Children at a Christchurch pre-school are learning sign language along their teacher, who is deaf and had never signed.

Christchurch’s working class suburb: ‘Wayward’ women, jail and floggings

It was known as Christchurch's working class suburb, with 'wayward women', a jail and public floggings, and it has all be recorded in a new book by historian John Wilson.

Throwback Thursday: Jo Kane and Lianne Dalziel discuss the earthquake insurance...

Throwback to June 30,2011 when Jo Kane discussed the government package to those in what became known as the residential red zone area, with then Christchurch East MP Lianne Dalziel.

Teen’s bold idea for Christchurch’s multi-use arena

A bold new initative for the proposed multi-use arena which is being passed onto developers has come from a year nine student at St Andrew's College.

Watch: New Brighton’s Burleigh legacy enters a new chapter

New Brighton’s Burleigh legacy entered a new chapter at the weekend. Scottish international Phil Burleigh returned to play for his boyhood club. When younger brother Matt came off the bench it marked the first time the two brothers had played together.

Watch: Experts back the push for East Lake’s inclusion into Red...

The East Lake Trust isn't taking rejection from Regenerate Christchurch lying down.

Watch: The big job behind removing Lancaster Park’s roof

<!----> VIDEO: Geoff Sloan Bit by bit Lancaster Park Stadium is coming down. The Tui stand has been demolished and now contractors are ready to tackle the...