Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Recharge Battery Revitalizer & Conditioner – Let’s Go Shopping Canterbury A&P...

A large percentage of batteries fail before their potential life of 7 to 10 years because of sulphation of internal plates. Recharge helps eliminate the sulphation problem, extending the life of many batteries and saving on replacement cost.

The Good Oil – Let’s Go Shopping Canterbury A&P Show 2017

This cold-pressed rapeseed oil retains its fresh sunshine flavour and its high nutritional quality. It is pure rich golden oil with a mild nutty taste. Perfect for dressings, salads and dips and its high smoke point means it is ideal for frying roasting and baking.

Blackwell Motors – Let’s Go Shopping Canterbury A&P Show 2017

Since 1923, the name Blackwells has been synonymous with 'the great New Zealand driving experience' growing to become one of the largest independently owned motor companies in New Zealand.

BX Foods – Let’s Go Shopping Canterbury A&P Show 2017

As a farmer-focused, locally-managed company, BX Foods markets New Zealand meat products from New Zealand farmers directly to global consumers.

Cubex Containers – Let’s Go Shopping Canterbury A&P Show 2017

New containers are made more economical for you to buy since the boxes are shipped once to New Zealand with a full load of cargo from the country of manufacture rather than being transported empty.

EuroAgri – Let’s Go Shopping Canterbury A&P Show 2017

EuroAgri connects farmers and contractors with leading European equipment that combines innovation and excellence, with an unsurpassed suitability for our conditions.

Ironman 4X4 – Let’s Go Shopping Canterbury A&P Show 2017

Ironman 4x4 products have been developed in the harshest proving ground in the world – Australia, and have been the first choice for Australian customers for over 50 years. Sold in more than 120 countries, Ironman 4x4 will deliver the comfort and safety you demand as well as quality and value for money.

Cactus Cars – Let’s Go Shopping 9th November 2017

Cactus Cars in Kaiapoi, Canterbury is a family run business with an outstanding reputation for customer satisfaction specializing in providing quality pre-owned vehicles at competitive prices for every budget

Majestic Tea Bar – Let’s Go Shopping 9th November 2017

Is a stylish and sophisticated cafe concept breathing new life into a classic range of drinks. Offering consumers a wide variety of teas selected from around the world both hot and iced, we strive to deliver an experience that will take you back to an age where tea wasn't just consumed but was lived.

Marshalls Health & Natural Therapy – Let’s Go Shopping 9th November...

Aim to provide you with amazing service & the highest quality & most comprehensive range of natural health products & supplements available with the added advantage of easy & secure online ordering.