Friday, November 16, 2018

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Indepth: Black Tuesday, Christchurch schools mergers and closures

It has been nearly six years since Black Tuesday when some schools learned in a 'shocking way' their schools were to close. Three principals tell the story in a raw and emotional way of what happened and what the ministry can "never do to communities" again.

Watch: Former school takes on an artistic twist

The former Central New Brighton School is now a creative community hub in the east housing workshops on likes of pounamu design, sowing and health. However, the future usage of the school remains unknown.

Watch: Earthquake claimed its ‘heart; now community has clawed it back

It is one of Christchurch's lower socio-economic areas. And it has suffered badly as a result of the earthquakes. Residents felt forgotten. So they claimed it back.

Watch: Country boys hoping to topple the city’s best — again

Rangiora High School made history two weeks ago when they defeated Christchurch Boys' High School's for the first time. The two teams meet again on Saturday when Rangiora make their first-ever semi-final appearance. We find out what's giving the country boys an edge.

Watch: The debate over Christchurch’s proposed red-zone East Lake

A flat water facility has been ditched from the short list of options to include in Christchurch's earthquake abandoned residential red zone. While its supporters say the city desperately needs a 2.2km recreational lake, but opponents say other options should be fully explored including cleaning up the Avon River to provide a water sports option and therefore avoiding the effects of having the lake.

Watch: Holiday programme combats isolation for older people

This Christchurch community organisation is tackling the issue of isolation among older people, by having a holiday programme. It even has a watered down version of 'beer pong' on the activities list.

Watch: Christchurch’s pole vaulting teen soaring to glory

Christchurch teen Eliza Meekings shares not only the same first name as New Zealand's best pole vaulter, Eliza McCartney, but also the same impressive path of achievement.

Watch: Young Japanese players chasing rugby dream in Christchurch

Christchurch has become the training base for the next wave of Japanese rugby stars. Japanese high school students are learning at the power houses of Christchurch school boy rugby in order to return home with the honed skills to take Japan's rugby team to the next level.

All Voices: The indigenous voice in Christchurch’s rebuild ‘we are not...

'It will look how it should have looked way back in the past. But it didn't. While our ancestors were left out, we are not left out anymore.' Christchurch's rebuild has seen the incorporation of mana whenua narratives. It means the next generation, unlike those who grew up here, will feel 'part of the city' to see their ancestors stories etched into buildings and on pavements

Calling the rugby final: ‘You do your job, I’ll do mine’

On his last game, the New Brighton vs Lincoln University final, ref Kane McBride gave us a behind the scenes glimpse into the world of being a ref.