Monday, August 26, 2019

Video: Special Olympics footballers celebrate global day of inclusion

Take a look behind the scenes as Special Olympics Canterbury footballers get ready for their big game against some of the city councillors.

Video: Pacific Underground reunites for Christchurch Arts Festival

Pacific Underground is bringing back the 1990's with a reunion show.

Terror attack: Volunteers and their stories

On March 15 a gunman walked into two Christchurch mosques and killed 51 people, injuring a further 49. The terror attack devastated the Muslim community...

Video: Busy volunteer receives award

Elizabeth Van Til gets up at 5am for a run, completes half marathons, works and still manages to fit in a lot of volunteer work. 

Video: Fabric ‘with a story’, artisans with disabilities and ‘Aladdin’s Cave’

It is the only place where Sarah Kerr feels like people understand her.

Our People: New Brighton’s ‘bright little shop’

There is never a heater on in Pauline Turner's little florist shop in New Brighton. But there is a whole lot of warmth coming out of it. 

Video: Gargoyles, bricks and mortar, putting ‘the church’ back in Church...

Its been rumoured that the gargoyles peering down from St Peter's Church are the old vicars.

Watch: ‘It’s an art’ one of New Zealand’s oldest sports clubs...

It's more than just a tractor cruising down a paddock. There is a real 'art' to the sport of ploughing

Watch: Old movies, friendship and Steptoe and Son

The suburban museum that brings together people through Doris Day, Elvis and Steptoe and Son.