Monday, November 19, 2018



Indepth: Canterbury, we need to talk

Last year in Canterbury, 87 people died by suicide.  It is the highest number in the region for the past 10 years. Canterbury, we need to talk.

WATCH: Goat man mystery, the great school ‘escape’ and other app...

The mysterious haunting of a Lyttelton cemetery by the "goat man" and the time school pupils secretly started digging under the floorboards as part of great 'escape' are some of the tales being told by a new app.

Watch: Son helps dad get ready for Over-50s Cricket World Cup

Former Canterbury left-arm spinner Andrew Nuttall will be the oldest player in the New Zealand squad to contest the inaugural Over-50s Cricket World Cup in Sydney this month. Cricket is in the genes - his son Ed is a current pace bowler for Canterbury. Ed gave dads bowling a test before he heads away for the tournament.

Video: A first for Christchurch local body politics, deputy chairman to...

It is a first for local body politics in Christchurch. A community board getting ready to sack its deputy chairman on Monday. So what did he do?

Watch: Christchurch United’s 14 year veteran ready to bring up 100...

Canterbury United could rack up their 100th national league regular season win on Sunday. If they achieve the milestone there will be one player still in the squad from their first league victory 14 years ago.

Video: He fought back from the brink of death, now Girdlestone...

Keagan Girdlestone fought back from the brink of death after a horror cycle crash. He became an elite cyclist once again, but now he faces a new battle.

Video: Night Noodle Market, council’s ‘slap in the face’ to Christchurch...

Should the Night Noodle Market be allowed to operate for 12 days? Christchurch's hospitality industry says the market will hurt them in the pocket, at a time when they desperately need the business.

Video: From homeless, to learning two years of music theory in...

Wayne was homeless and battling anxiety. He was housed but then found himself staring a 'blank walls' as his nightmares played out in his mind. Then he found something that soothed it. But then his past came back to haunt him.

Watch: Mum juggles two rugby codes and playing for two nations

Sui Pauaraisa could be the definition of a real-life wonder woman. She represents two nations in two different codes. On top of that she fits in a full-time job while also being a mother of two.

VIDEO: Welcome to Christchurch’s Salt District

It's gritty, has laneways and has unique bars and restaurants. Welcome to Christchurch's Salt District.