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Violated by a priest who went on to commit a ‘litany...

George loved watching wrestling on television as a child. That, he says, is the knowledge Father Cornelius O'Brien used when he told him to come over after school to visit him.

Boarding school brutality: ‘They used a broom handle on me’

Jim was a 'bit different' in a boys boarding school. He liked to read books not play rugby. Two boys decided to 'haul' him. And his life changed after that. 

A life lived in fear: Drug addict at age 6, alcoholic...

The flashbacks are what sends Jack into a spiral. His first alleged rape happened as a five-year-old.

‘I don’t know what love is’: Sexually abused at 3, ...

Jacob was put into state care as a way to be kept safe. But instead, he was allegedly sexually violated by another boy also in state care.

‘We’re stuck with their sh*t’, sexually abused, crushed in 2011 earthquake

Jason thought his babysitter was 'cool'. But he turned out to be the start of a series of 'predators' who sexually violated him. He spiralled into drugs, drink driving and then jail. During the devastating February 22, 2011 earthquake he was partially crushed under a boulder. 

The secret locals knew: ‘Do you want to bring some friends...

Paul's mother had died when a man offered to help his father out with respite care. The man had cool space invader games and slot car sets.


NZ’s sexual trauma story: ‘We have failed to protect our children’

Why did 10 sit down and tell their harrowing story of sexual abuse to our cameras? Because they all thought they were the only one. But they want others to know that they are not alone.

‘Hold on to what they are, not what the abuse makes...

Fiona knew there was good in her husband Paul. But she had to endure years of his anger and verbal bashings, as he tried to deal with being sexually violated as a boy. 

Raped by a woman: They ask ‘why didn’t I like it’

Josh's remembers yelling over and over for her to stop.