Tenants wanted for unused community building

EMPTY: The Redcliffs Residents' Association wants the empty council-owned building at the old Redcliffs School site to be managed locally by a group or organisation.

An empty building available for lease at the old Redcliffs School site has struggled to gain interest from community groups.

Redcliffs Residents’ Association chairwoman Christine Toner sent out more than 200 emails to help the city council find a group which wants to lease the building.

However, after very few expressions of interest, the association wants to form either a new sub-committee or independent group to lease and manage it.

The modern building, which is owned by the city council, has four rooms and opens out on to a courtyard overlooking Redcliffs Park and playing fields.

“It’s such a good building and I’m sure eventually people will realise it’s too good to pass up,” said Ms Toner.

She said the association does not have an interest in leasing or managing the building itself.

“It’s still important that it’s managed locally. We don’t want a commercial user or somebody far away being in charge of the building, that’s why I’m stepping up and trying to organise this.”

City council head of parks Andrew Rutledge said staff are currently conducting an open expression of interest process to find occupants for the building.

The occupants would be expected to have a building manager who would oversee bookings, insurance, security and cleaning, among other things.

A meeting will be held on August 16 at the building for residents, groups and organisations to learn more.

Once that has been completed a further request for proposals will follow, with the results and lease recommendations then presented to the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board for a final decision.