Passionate, committed and chasing medals

LIFETIME EXPERIENCE: Gina Taka-Ardouin (centre), was part of a seven-strong New Zealand team to compete at the Boccia Asia-Oceania Regional Championships recently.

Ilamwoman Gina Taka-Ardouin, is buzzing, having recently returned from representing New Zealand in the Boccia Asia-Oceania Regional Championships held in South Korea.

She was part of the seven-strong New Zealand team, and the only competitor from the South Island.

Besides three athletes, the team included the coach and three support people.

Boccia is played competitively at national and international level by athletes who require a wheelchair because of their disability.

Fundraising was a big hurdle for Taka-Ardouin, and is an ongoing issue.

With her sights now set on the nationals to be held in Wellington in October, the constant fundraising struggle adds to the stress of relentless practice.

Apart from her interest in sport, Taka-Ardouinis a member of group, Christian Fellowship for Disabled.

Fundraising is also under way by the group as they look to support members to attend a national camp at Totara Springs, Matamata, in October.

CFFD has had an active presence in Christchurch since 1981, with attendances between 70 to 80 in earlier days.

Regular meetings, annual camps, outings and church visits give varied experiences and community involvement for members.

Thanks to the church and community support, general running costs are minor, and easily covered by member donations.

An annual grant from community funding usually covers the cost of total mobility taxi transport to meetings.

It is when members wish to attend the national camp that extra funds are needed.

Taka-Ardouinsaid she was disappointed to come home with no medals from Seoul, but will put in her best effort in the Wellington competition.

She along with the CFFD residents will continue to fundraise for the national camp in October.