No speed bumps for Avondale in spite of boy racer concerns

SKIDS AND BURNOUTS: Burwood Ward city councillor Glenn Livingstone says boys racers are causing problems in Waratah Street, Briarmont Street and Orrick Crescent in Avondale, the city council disagree.

A city councillor’s call for action to slow down boy racers in Avondale has not gained traction.

Last month Pegasus Post reported Burwood Ward councillor Glenn Livingstone had spoken to residents concerned about boy racers causing carnage along Waratah St, Briarmont St and Orrick Cres. But city council transport operations manager Steffan Thomas said boy racers are not an issue for the area.

Cr Livingstone asked for speed bumps on Orrick Cres but said his request was turned down as there is not enough statistical evidence to suggest there is a problem with boy racers.

Said city council head of transport Richard Osborne: “Council staff have not directly received any specific complaints from local residents relating to boy racers in Waratah St, Briarmont St or Orrick Cres in the last 12 months . . . given this and with no specific budget to do the work, staff will continue to monitor the situation.”

Cr Livingstone was disappointed with the decision, saying residents opinions should be given more weight.

“They [city council staff] do admit that there’s an issue, they do take what we say at face value, but they haven’t got the data to support it. I’ve gone to the board and said, well, we need a way to capture residents’ information, which can also be admitted as data. It may not be as measurable as staff would like it, but it’s still data.”

Cr Livingstone said city council staff will come back to the board with a response on how residents’ information can be included in the decision-making process more often.

SaidMrOsborne: “Staff will continue to consider all available information, including the personal experiences and wishes of the community, when investigating and reporting on requests for service.”

Cr Livingstone said this had not happened with his request for speed bumps, even though boy racers continue to be a concern for Avondale residents. He said things need to change. “In the meantime, residents feel frustrated because there’s a real problem,” he said.