Library’s future uncertain due to Hornby mega-facility

UNCERTAIN: The city council is planning to dispose of the Hornby Library when the new mega-facility is built at Kyle Park. But how it will do this is yet to be determined.

The future of the Hornby Library building is uncertain after the new mega-facility is built on Kyle Park.

The city council is planning to move the library into the new Hornby Library, Service Centre and South West Pool once it is built, meaning the library building on Goulding Ave may be re-purposed, demolished or sold.

City council head of recreation, sports and events Nigel Cox said it currently intends to dispose of the superseded facility, but how this will be done is still to be determined.

The Greater Hornby Residents’ Association discussed the 40-year-old library building’s future at its annual meeting.

Suggestions have been made for the library building to be converted into meeting rooms or a multi-purpose space.

The Hornby Community Care Centre, which owns half of the building, is also interested in taking full ownership.

Centre trust chairman Bob Shearing said in due course it wants to talk to the city council about the future use of the library building.

“We are probably keen to have some role in managing it. That said, no formal discussions have been held as yet,” he said.

Residents’ association chairman Marc Duff said people see it as a useful building, which could be done up and made into a community facility.

Association member Mark Peters said it would be a “shame” to lose the library building as it is in a central location.

“It would be good to see it used as a meeting space or something of that nature to free up some extra space in the new facility,” he said.

MrPeters said serious conversations were needed with the centre over whether it would like to take over the library building.

The library building’s

future was raised after the city council released a survey on the design of the long-awaited mega-facility.

It sought the community’s views on what they would like to see in the $35.7 million facility and asked residents to select their top four options.

MrPeters told Western News last week the community would expect a lot of the options brought up for the new facility to be included in it.

McDuff said a topic raised by a lot of residents at the association’s meeting was whether the planned meeting room options for the mega-facility could be put into the Goulding Ave library building.

The other issue raised was whether there is a need to put a gym in the facility when there are already several gyms in Hornby.

As of last week, the survey had received about 120 responses. Consultation on what people want to see in the mega-facility closes on Monday.