Award for community champions

TIDY KIWIS: Hornby residents Trevor and Alison Murray clean up rubbish while walking their two dogs Macey and Abby everyday.

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

That is Hornby’s Trevor and Alison Murray’s reason behind why they will pick up any litter, broken glass and dog faeces they see while walking throughout the suburb.

“Somebody has got to do it,” Mrs Murray said.

Every day while walking their two dogs Abby and Macey, the couple will clean up the suburb’s parks and streets, along with reporting anything on city council property needing repairs.

They will now be presented with a Keep Christchurch Beautiful Award in recognition of their hard work at theTūrangaLibrary tonight.

Mrs Murray, who is also a member of the Greater Hornby Residents’ Association, said she was “thrilled” to have been acknowledged.

The couple will often walk to areas including Oakhampton Reserve, Trevor Reserve and the old Branston Intermediate School site.

“One day we came home with three cartons of alcohol cans and bottles left at the old school. It is things like that, that really disgusts me,” Mrs Murray said.

Her message to other residents is to “clean up after yourself.”

“I am not saying I am perfect, because I am not, but it never hurts people to pick up rubbish,” Mrs Murray said.

Her message also goes to dog owners not picking up their dog’s faeces in public spaces.

“You are not allowed to leave it on the ground but some dog owners don’t care . . . it is a legal requirement but it is also a moral obligation,” Mrs Murray said.

She said she gets annoyed with takeaway restaurants due to the amount of rubbish she finds.

Her other concerns are children injuring themselves as a result of broken glass left on the streets.

“The city council can’t afford to have the parks cleaned up . . . it comes back to us unless they want to put up their rates.”

Last year the association obtained a litter picker, gloves and bags from the Keep Christchurch Beautiful organisation to allow Mr and Mrs Murray to continue their efforts.