Terror attack: Volunteers and their stories

On March 15 a gunman walked into two Christchurch mosques and killed 51 people, injuring a further 49.

The terror attack devastated the Muslim community and the city. In the weeks directly after the event, several volunteer groups around the city rallied to support victims families, the injured and the wider Muslim community.

Some of the volunteers were those in the mosque at the time. Others were people who had lost friends and family. Many were residents who wanted to help in any way they could.

The footage in these seven videos was taken in the weeks directly after the event. It documents just a few of the hundreds of volunteers who did this work and those that they helped.

Episode 1 ‘Then I saw a little girl and I started crying’


Episode 2: She was so sweet and now she doesn’t have a dad’


Episode 3: Call to Prayer


Episode 4: ‘Through the darkness, there is a ray of light’

Episode 5: ‘He’s going to kill all of us’


Episode 6: People have forgotten already


Episode 7: Three months after March 15