Stolen hat angers Scotsman

ANGRY SCOTSMAN: Jim Mclachlan is not a happy man after his 50-year-old tartan hat was stolen off his head.

Eighty-nine-year-old Jim McLachlan is an angry Scotsman.

Why you ask?

It’s because a cheeky cyclist stole his 50-year-old blue tartan hat – swiped from his head while he was riding on his mobility scooter.

“He was fit as a fiddle and he could really ride that bike,” he said.

Mr McLachlan called him a name or two in his strong Glaswegian accent but the cyclist put his head down and was gone.

The low blow took place last week when Mr McLachlan was heading home from his usual haunt, The Little Brown Jug on Wairakei Rd.

“I lost my wife Valda six years ago so it gets a bit lonely on my own, so I go to the pub for a bit of company.”

Mr McLachlan moved to New Zealand in 1957.

Never did he think someone would have the gall to swipe his tartan hat, sent to him from Scotland by his mother in the 1960s.

Could it have been down to the Highlanders flag which flies proudly on his mobility scooter? Mr McLachlan has been a staunch supporter since their inception in 1996.

“It might have been one of those Crusaders supporters, they are pretty one-eyed. I have been dealing with this kind of thing since the Super 12 started.”

He has contacted the police about the theft, and has asked people in the area if they know anything about it.

•If you have the hat and want to return it to Mr McLachlan phone reporter Louis Day on 021 919 917.