New Brighton Rd repairs to start soon

NO MORE POTHOLES: The $1.2 million repair of New Brighton Rd between Wattle Drive and Bower Ave is set to begin in October and be finished by March next year.

The $1.2 million repair of a damaged stretch of New Brighton Rd is set to begin in October.

Coastal-Burwood Community Board chairwoman Kim Money spoke to Pegasus Post in March saying the community board wanted New Brighton Rd to be repaired before the end of 2021.

The board has got its wish. The most badly damaged section between Wattle Drive and Bower Ave should be repaired by March next year.

Said Ms Money: “That’s definitely the main problem area on New Brighton Rd, so that’s the piece that we wanted to be done.”

MsMoney said the road had been cracked and covered in potholes for eight years since the earthquakes.

It had also been prone to flooding, she said. City council planning and delivery transport manager Lynette Ellis said both of these issues would be addressed during the repairs.

“We are repairing and resurfacing the existing road. If there are drainage issues that can be corrected, these will be done at the same time.”

Ms Money said the damage to the road had had a negative impact on people’s well-being.

“Every day they’re reminded that this road has needed to be repaired for eight years and it hasn’t been done yet.

“Plus, the flooding that continually gets onto that stretch of road, hasn’t helped the situation.

“To have that fixed, we can finally put that behind us.”

Ms Money said if funds were left over after the Bower Ave/ Wattle Drive section of New Brighton Rd was fixed, these would go towards repairing the area between Bower Ave and Palmers Rd.

She hoped the repair of the rest New Brighton Rd would be completed soon after the first section was finished next year.

Asked if this would happen, Ms Ellis said: “The remainder of the road is regularly assessed and prioritised with other roads in the city and any works to be undertaken will need to be co-ordinated with other utility works that may be required.”