Dangerous intersection upgrade plan

SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS: Safety improvements are planned for the intersection of Ilam, Middleton and Riccarton Rd.

A plan to turn the city’s fourth most dangerous junction into a T-intersection to reduce crashes has received mixed feedback.

The city council has received 137 submissions on its proposal for a $1 million safety upgrade at the Middleton, Ilam and Riccarton Rd intersection.

A seminar on the intersection was held between city council staff and the Haswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board last week.

Board deputy chairwoman Helen Broughton said she couldn’t comment on the meeting due to it being publicly excluded.

She said there had been mixed feedback on banning right turns fromIlamRd onto Riccarton Rd, but did not appear to be “overwhelming opposition” to the plan.

The plan would involve restricting Riccarton Rd from Middleton Rd to left turns in and out only, as well as narrowing the road to allow more footpath space for pedestrians.

The left turn slip lanes fromIlamRd into Riccarton Rd would also be removed.

Mrs Broughton said she would prefer to have the intersection realigned so thatIlamRd connected through to Middleton Rd.

The intersection is ranked the city’s fourth most dangerous with 40 crashes with varying degree of injury since 2011.

“It is a very dangerous intersection. We have always wanted it done but we have never been able to get it done, the reason now is it is part of the cycleway programme,” Mrs Broughton said.

The intersection will be upgraded as part of the Nor’West Arc Major Cycle Route, which was approved in March last year.

A report will be presented to the board on July 23 with submissions on the proposal to be made public at the same time.