Clock tower repairs set to start

The New Brighton clock tower repairs will begin this month after a long delay.

Contractors Cook Brothers Construction Canterbury have been awarded the tender for fixing the New Brighton and Scarborough clock towers. This should be done by the start of next year.

The repairs were supposed to start in September last year, but were delayed after detailed investigation revealed more damage and overdue maintenance-related issues than expected.

New Brighton Florists owner Pauline Turner said it was about time a date was confirmed for the repairs and was “thrilled” by this.

“It’s taken forever. I didn’t think we could actually afford the scaffolding for all these almost years, so I’m thrilled to see it. It’s our Taj Mahal.”

South of India restaurant managerDamodarReddy said overseas tourists visiting New Brighton would be pleased to see the plastic around the tower removed and the repairs begin.

“Some customers from Australia or somewhere else . . . they ask what happened to the clock tower.

“They will be happy, definitely.”

New Brighton Business and Landowners Association chairwoman RebeccaTavetesaid the repairs had been a long time coming but was hopeful they would go to plan and boost community spirits.

“A bit disappointing, you know, we all know that there was a bit of money spent on the scaffolding and we all have the thoughts around it could have happened a lot faster.

“But, the result being is that it is now being done, so I think it’s just about focusing on moving forward, really, keep the community positive that it’s happening.”

Coastal-Burwood Community Board deputy chairman TimSintes, who has previously been critical of the delay in repairs, said six months was still a long time to wait for these to be finished

New Brighton resident Robbie Baigent said he worked in construction and said the delay in awarding tenders and completing the repairs was understandable.

“I know how long it takes to get this stuff sorted out. It could have been done a little bit quicker in my point of view, but it all takes time.

“It will be great just to see them get into it now and get it done.”