City’s noisiest house had 54 complaints

The city council is remaining tight-lipped about where the noisiest house in the city is located.

The property has had 54 complaints over a 12-month period from May 2019 to May this year.

In 2015, the city council revealed what street the house which attracted the most noise complaints was located.

Said city council senior information adviser and privacy officer Sean Rainey: “However, in 2015 the street released was particularly small and, the requester was able to ascertain which house was the subject of complaint. The release of this information caused a considerable amount of public harm in the neighbourhood and a potential threat to public safety.”

The Tilford St home in Woolston was dubbed ‘Christchurch’s rowdiest house’ after news media revealed it had 71 complaints over a 12-month period.

Following this in 2016, the city council declined to provide the identity of the noisiest house and the street it was located on.

Then after a complaint to the Ombudsman, city council agreed an approach to balance the public interest providing information and transparency and the need to ensure privacy.

“This meant the city council would only disclose locations which were in broader geographical areas (such as major/arterial roads).”

After a request from Pegasus Post, city council has revealed the house with the most noise complaints in the past 12 months is located in east Christchurch, in the Coastal Ward.

When a noise complaint is made, a noise control officer will visit and assess the noise. If the noise is unreasonable or excessive, the officer will ask for it to be turned down.

The officer can also issue an excessive noise direction notice, which requires the noise to be reduced to a reasonable level for 72 hours.

If the noise is not reduced or resumes within 72 hours, then the officer can have the equipment seized. They must be accompanied by a police officer to do this.

Noise control laws are set out in the Resource Management Act and are enforced by city councils.