Bid to put brakes on Avondale boy racers

SKIDS AND BURNOUTS: Burwood Ward city councillor Glenn Livingstone says boys racers are causing problems in Waratah Street, Briarmont Street and Orrick Crescent in Avondale, the city council disagree.

Avondale residents want speed bumps on their streets to stop boy racers causing carnage.

But city council staff don’t believe there is a boy racer issue, even though Burwood Ward city councillor Glenn Livingstone says there is.

Cr Livingstone recently visited Waratah St, Briarmont St and Orrick Cres to speak to concerned residents. When he was onBriarmontSt discussing the need for speed bumps with a resident, he saw what appeared to be boy racers speeding past.

Said Cr Livingstone: “I’ve seen the skid marks, too – obviously from the rubber.”

City council transport operations manager Steffan Thomas said it has not received any complaints about boy racers in the streets over the last year and there are no plans to implement measures to stop them.

Said Mr Thomas: “The information currently available doesn’t indicate a specific issue with anti-social road-user activity in Waratah St, Briarmont St or Orrick Cres.”

Cr Livingstone disagreed: “Some residents have told me that they have been reporting in the boy racer issue in those streets to the council call centre and they haven’t had at times the best of responses or there hasn’t been any action, so they’re feeling frustrated.”

“It’s definitely a problem and there are no two ways about it, and we need to do what we can to address it.”

When asked if Cr Livingstone was correct, Mr Thomas did not want to comment.

Cr Livingstone has not reported the boy racers he has seen to police. Instead, he asked the city council to visit the streets. Once city council staff had done so, Cr Livingstone said it would give him stronger grounds to go to police.

Said a police spokesperson: “Police are not aware of boy racer activity on these streets. We would be glad to receive any reports from the public that help us to identify areas to focus on.”

Meanwhile, Cr Livingstone said the city council has a role to play if boy racers are to be stopped in Avondale. Last week, he sent a request to city council staff for speed bumps to be installed.

Cr Livingstone said the residents he has spoken to did not want to go to Pegasus Post with their concerns as they want to keep their identities private.

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