Sex offender Lloyd McIntosh sent back to jail

Serial sex offender Lloyd McIntosh was sent back to prison after abusing staff at his Christchurch supported accommodation it can be revealed.

McIntosh, one of New Zealand’s worst sex offenders, was jailed for three months in April. He was released in the middle of last of month and is now back in his supported accommodation.

McIntosh has served time for offences including unlawful sexual connection with a 23-month-old baby, raping a six-year-old, and assaulting an intellectually disabled woman.

He was released in 2005, and became the first man in the country to be subject to a 10-year Extended Supervision Order, which will continue until mid-2025.

As a condition of the order, he is required to live at an address approved by his probation officer. He is not able to move from that address without prior written approval from his probation officer.

Department of Corrections southern regional operations director Chris O’Brien-Smith said an ongoing deterioration in McIntosh’s behaviour meant he was warned that any further abusive behaviour toward staff would result in him being discharged, meaning that he would be without approved accommodation.

In April, McIntosh was verbally abusive toward staff again.

“He had disregarded the rules of the service, which resulted in him being discharged. He therefore had no approved accommodation and was charged with breaching the conditions of his order,” said Ms O’Brien-Smith.

He was convicted and sentenced to three months imprisonment.

“In accordance with the Parole Act 2002, prisoners who are serving a sentence of less than two years imprisonment are automatically released after serving half of their sentence. The offender was released from prison on May 17 and returned to reside at approved supported accommodation,” said Ms O’Brien-Smith.