School water tank “sabotaged”

MINDLESS: Hororata School's only water tank was sabotaged over Queen's Birthday weekend.

A primary school believes its only water tank has been was “sabotaged”.

Hororata School lost all of its 25,000L of water held in the tank over Queen’s Birthday weekend.

Said school secretary Penny Oliver: “The tap had been screwed out of the wall. It looked deliberate.”

The incident was discovered on June 1.

“By Monday afternoon we were able to plug it back in and start filling it in,” she said.

Police have not been called and the school board will meet in the coming days to discuss a plan forward following the incident.

Mrs Oliver said she routinely checks the school to make sure doors and windows are locked.

“We had all that heavy rain and as I wandered around, I thought: ‘why is there so much water?’ “

Mrs Oliver said the consequences of the incident could have been worse if it hadn’t been done over the long weekend as the school had time to refill the tank by Tuesday last week.

The water tank is connected to the district council water supply.

“Naturally, as you can imagine, school’s aren’t allowed to open without water,” she said.

“It was just a mindless kind of thing that happened.”

Hororata substantive senior station officer Bruce Sayer said it wasn’t the first time the town has been subject to vandalism this year.

“A while ago [during summer] they destroyed the toilet blocks, smashed all the toilets,” he said.

Senior Constable Andrew Grant of the Darfield police said there had been increased patrol since the incident.

“The [Reserve] Committee were given advice and we’re doing patrolling late at night, doing licensed premises checks and keeping and eye on things,” Senior Constable Grant said.

Following the school water tank incident, Senior Constable Grant said the “best advice” is to report any suspicious activity to police.

“We’ll come out and deal with the situation and people appropriately at the time.”