Older vehicles a target of theft in Bishopdale, Burnside and Redwood areas.

Thieves are targeting older vehicles in Burnside, Bishopdale and Redwood.

Police have warned residents to be vigilant after an increase

in vehicle thefts and break-ins, particularly Nissans, Subarus and Mazdas.

Bishopdale resident Paul Harre’s 1999 Nissan Primera station wagon was written off after an attempted theft last Sunday.

Mr Harre parked the vehicle on the road outside his house to clear some room while he worked on his fence.

A few mornings later, he discovered its windows had been smashed, the ignition and steering lock had been damaged and the locks had been drilled on both doors. As the vehicle had more than $2500 in damage, it was written off.

“We generally don’t leave our car on the road. The fact that the one time we did we had this outcome, it does make me wonder whether it’s more common than we think.”

Detective Senior Sergeant Neville Jenkins said a lot of vehicle thefts and break-ins took place due to a lack of security.

Said Senior Sergeant Jenkins: “There’s no way of sugar-coating it, we can’t be everywhere all the time. There is an increase, but a majority of them could have been prevented with diligence,” he said.

Senior Sergeant Jenkins said there is no reason Bishopdale, Burnside and Redwood are being specifically targeted.

Mr Harre was surprised by

the attempted theft as he has lived at the address for three years and said his property and vehicles had never been targeted until last week.

A police spokesperson said inquiries into vehicle thefts in the area are continuing, and anyone with information should phone police.

“We recommend people use extra security, such as kill switches and steering locks, and keep property which may be targeted out of sight.”

•Any one with information about vehicle thefts or break-ins can phone police on 363 7400 or provide information anonymously through Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.