New Brighton Rd’s eyesore

Pleas to clean up piles of shingle and roading metal at a New Brighton Rd car park appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

Coastal-Burwood Community Board chairwoman Kim Money said the piles in the riverside car park, opposite

The Bower and Urban Corner Cafe, had been there for “a very, very long time.”

In spite of the board’s requests to clear it up, the city council has not acted.

The city council has also not responded to questions from Pegasus Post.

Ms Money said the piles are affecting the appearance of the area surrounding the car park, which includes businesses on the other side of the road.

“Visually it’s just an eyesore and our community deserves better,” she said.

“We just want to know who’s doing it and we would like it stopped and we would like it to be tidied up because it’s making the area look extremely

scruffy and the retail area’s got enough to deal with without having this look like that,” she said.

The Bower and Urban Corner Cafe manager Vicki Blake said its patrons used to park in the Cockayne car park, where the piles are, but they had not been able to since the scrap metal was dumped there.

“It’s been there for quite a while, but no one’s been over there to tidy it up or do anything with it,” she said.

Said Mrs Blake: “Our smokers area and beer garden sort of look out on to that.”

She said the state of the car park was unattractive to The Bower’s visitors.

But its owner Katrina Hargen said she understood the roading metal had to go somewhere given there was a lot of work going on in the area.

“I know they’ve got shingle and that there, which doesn’t bother me. It’s a work site and they need to pick stuff up and move it . . . anything that helps actually the road or things get fixed quicker because it’s more accessible for them, I always think is a good thing.”

Ms Money was unsure whether dumping in the car park was illegal, but said the city council should have told the community board why the car park has been full of scrap metal for so long.

“Contractors or somebody is dumping stuff there, whether it’s illegally or whether they’ve got permission, I don’t know, but the board would just like to know who is dumping and why are they dumping it and if it is legal how long are they going to be dumping for . . . if it’s not legal then let’s stop it.”


  1. Rubbish and shingle dumped in car park! We in the east of Christchurch have had to put up with a lot these last eight years and we do not need this. If it is illegal dumping, find the culprits. and fine them heavily.
    The CCC do not seem to care what the east of Christchurch looks like with still heaps of potholes around just not getting fixed properly. The carpark behind the shops is an absolute disgrace and th owner of the land should be accountable to tidy it up and make it safe.
    When is something going to be done about the shopping area, also a disgrace for tourists who probably like to visit the beach which unfortunately has lots of rubbish spilling out of bins!
    I know the city has to be done, but please think about the east also.