Flooding issues for South Brighton Holiday Park

SODDEN: Flooding at South Brighton Holiday Park has caused it to close four times in the last two years, its owners Sam and Jacquie Hawkins say more needs to be done to help reduce water levels when it rains.

Heavy rain has forced the South Brighton Holiday Park to close four times in the past two years.

Park manager Sam Hawkins estimates closing due to flooding has cost the park more than $8000. It had to close over Queen’s Birthday weekend.

He said the park needs help to deal with the flooding.

Mr Hawkins addressed the Coastal-Burwood Community Board last week, where he outlined his concerns over the impact heavy rainfall has had on the park, including the downpour over Queen’s Birthday weekend.

The board has requested urgent advice on how flooding can be dealt with and has asked for site meetings to take place between holiday park staff, city council staff and board members.

Mr Hawkins said the drainage system at the holiday park has to be improved, as it has not coped with the heavy rain.

“If it gets too bad we have to shut the park due to sites being unusable,” he said.

“It affects most of our camp because we’re quite low-lying. There are puddles pretty much through most of the camp, the roadways, everything like that, so then it affects the grass with oversaturation and people drive on it, which creates mud and headache after headache.”

The flooding over Queen’s Birthday meant the park had to turn away guests, Mr Hawkins said.

“It’s affecting the income revenue, but also affecting having staff working longer hours and coming in on their days off to help pump the water away and then the cost of re-instating the grass areas and any damage to roadways.

Currently, the only tool the holiday park has to manage flooding is one petrol-powered water pump, which is not been able to deal with the problem on its own.

Mr Hawkins said he wants the city council to provide a larger water pump to clear stormwater lines, and the area’s water storage and drainage systems need to be improved.

Mr Hawkins hopes a meeting to discuss these options with city council staff will take place before the holiday park floods again.

“Hopefully, before the next rainfall, there’s some action with at least a decent-sized pump or something like that to help alleviate the problem.”