Board renames the term “boy-racing” to “cruising behaviour”

If you are hooning around the western suburbs in your car, you now won’t be labelled a “boy racer” by community representatives.

The Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board has renamed the term “boy racing” to “cruising behaviour” following concerns the words were not appropriate.

The topic emerged when deputy chairwoman Helen Broughton filed a motion calling for increased enforcement of police against boy racers on Deans Ave.

Before the motion was brought to the board, the term was changed to “cruising behaviour” due to concerns from board chairman Mike Mora.

“If you are a girl for an example driving a car, you are not a boy racer are you? If you are a 25-year-old or a 38-year-old you are not a boy racer,” he said.

His other concern was the city council has a “no cruising bylaw” in place, not a “boy racer” bylaw.

Said Mr Mora: “How would you feel if you were pulled up by a policeman . . . you said: ‘Well I am not a boy,’ and you went to court and you could prove you are not a boy but it is under the boy racer legislation.”

Daniel Cossar, who organised the notorious Aves Invasion event over Easter, said the term “boy racer” is not offensive at all and people can call them what they like.

Canterbury metro area commander Superintendent Lane Todd said the term boy racer has sometimes been an issue and police instead call them anti-social road users.

He said reported calls for service in relation to this issue at Deans Ave has been low for several months.

The city council implemented no cruising restrictions on Deans, Moorhouse, Fitzgerald and Bealey Aves in June 2010 in response to complaints about driving behaviour.

Penalties for cruising range from $150-$1000.

Residents have also been

advised if they are concerned about boy racer activity to phone *555 from a mobile phone.

While phone calls will go to a police communications centre, they will be given lower priority than 111 calls.

As well as phoning *555, residents can also call the Hornby Police Station on 344 1800 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if concerned about boy racers.